Managing one's company requires not just efficient managers and hardworking employees with the same goals but also custom software that can make operations faster and efficient. Be it a mobile app or a website, a custom software should give emphasis in user experience and user interface to engage customers and visitors to linger more and consider buying a product or service. The custom software should also reflect the vision of a company and its goals for the community.

These are just a few considerations that these custom software development companies in Chicago want to render to its clients. These companies have a wide array of experiences in dealing with clients from different backgrounds and in using tools in site building, customization, optimization, and maintenance, among other processes.

1. Table XI

Table XI is a custom software company that creates transformative products based on users' needs and partners' expertise. It has worked with healthcare innovators, manufacturing teams and educators to address customer needs through better products. From transforming an ecommerce checkout flow to building IoT into hardware to designing new foods, Table XI has worked with more than 100 partners from Chicago and all over the world, including Tyson, Discover and AccuWeather.

Table XI believes in tech done right. That means building the right thing - using design thinking and user research to uncover valuable solutions - and building the thing right - drawing on more than 15 years of expertise in web and mobile custom software


Product Strategy

To bring the two halves together, Table XI makes sure each project gets a cross-disciplinary team combining design, development and project management. Those three pillars working in tandem allow Table XI to develop digital strategies that leave out unnecessary features and focus on business results. By investigating the business objectives, internal resources, market competition, and user needs, then prototyping, testing, and validating a solution, Table XI can make sure results match the client's business goals.

User Experience Design

Table XI has built its reputation helping partners design seamless experiences that "just work" for users. That's due equally to UX expertise and a devotion for finding out what exactly makes users tick through user research. This evidence-based approach to design helps Table XI work with partners to create products users love.

Mobile Development

Engaging users where they are is important to business success. To help, Table XI's mobile team is integrated with its digital strategy and user experience teams. Table XI specializes in creating well-researched and fully tested mobile apps that help users do what they need to do as fast as possible. The company has experts in both iOS and Android apps, as well as cross-platform apps built using React Native, which allow partners to generate apps for both platforms using one code base. The company is always researching new tools to optimize app performance, collect app analytics and create a better mobile experience.

Product Development

Table XI believes in using software to solve problems, not building software for software's sake. That approach allows them to advise partners on the most direct path to solving user needs, whether that involves building a custom product, customizing off-the-shelf software or sometimes not building any software at all. That philosophy, combined with the deep experience of its development team, has earned Table XI spots on numerous "best software developers" lists.

Training and Workshops

All of Table XI's engagements involve some amount of training, whether it's as simple as teaching a team how to use the product or showing a company how to work in Agile. The company wants to make its partners more effective - giving them the tools and showing them how to use them.

For those that don't need products, but do want to learn how to work better, Table XI offers a series of workshops on design, development and workplace culture. Workshops are offered in both full and half-day courses, and can seat up to 25 people. Choose from lessons on using Google Design Sprints, learning Agile, building in Ruby on Rails and others

2. Tandem

Tandem is a reputable technology partner that delivers custom software that inspires people and drives a positive change in businesses. It is proud to uphold the four functions of the company, which includes Process, Thinking, Making, and Empowering. Behind Tandem's success is a group of thinkers and makers with different expertise and backgrounds who upholds the same vision of creating meaningful digital experiences with a profound impact.

Products And Services

Case Studies

Tandem hopes to come up with solutions that inspire people and drive change. It has worked with the U.S. Department of Defense in modernizing the military enlistment process. It has also experienced working Climate Corporation that helps farmers make better decisions using data. It also had created products and services for the Impact Sector particularly in the Telecommunications as well as the Education and Edtech sectors.


Tandem is proud to have worked with clients from different industries such as Agtech and Sustainability, Consumer Retail, Education and EdTech, Enterprise Software, the Government, Healthcare and Pharma, Logistics, Professional Services, and Telecommunications.

The Impact Sector

Tandem had also worked with clients specifically focusing on the Impact Sector and had a positive impact on life, society, and business. It had produced a couple of enterprise software, enlistment systems, redesigned websites for the consumer retail industry, created an online marketplace and increase the conversion and revenues of eCommerce websites among other achievements they made.

3. CSW Solutions

CSW Solutions is a full-service software development partner and a Microsoft-certified partner. It is composed of a team of innovative developers and strategists that have been in the industry for 12 years. Its goal is to help clients with diverse web-related service needs. These include design, cloud and content strategies, custom software development, and product licensing, among others. They provide consultants and analysts that act as problem solvers who can provide fresh content and design solutions for desktop and mobile experience.


Custom Software Development

Their experts have ample experiences in Microsoft .NET, Java, Ruby, SQL Server, Oracle, Dynamics, Microsoft Azure, WordPress, UmbracoCMS, PHP, Windows Server, Linux, and Drupal, among others, that can be applied according to the client's specific needs.

Business Intelligence

CSW is equipped with state-of-the-art reporting and visualization tools that can convert a client's data into powerful information needed to make smart decisions. It takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that clients can use in forecasting future business sceneries and gaining deeper insight in its target market.

Mobile Development

CSW helps clients build a native application or a responsive website designed to build stand-out mobile experiences aimed at creating advanced functionality and superb user experience.

CMS Implementation

The team can also serve as a partner in the client's content management software implementation by providing the support it needs in each phase. With this, the client can relax as CWS manages the software, install and configure it, conducts testing for issues, and trains the team to manage content.

Code Audit

CWS has been conducting numerous code audit and system reviews of clients from different industries. They also guide them in the designing and building of mobile, web, and back-end applications.

System Integrations Integration

The company has been helping businesses increase productivity, streamline operations, and build competitive advantage by guiding them in each phase of the process of creating the software that the client needs within a period and budget.

4.  Caxy Interactive

Caxy Interactive is a top-rated software development company that has been serving clients since 1999 in their Chicago office. Their team of experts provide services such as site building, application, and progressive web app development, among other services. It focuses on user experience and Agile development through user-centered designs and analytics.


Web Development

Caxy transforms web designs into web applications that provides an outstanding user experience. It focuses on Agile development and other centered designs but also employs other interactive technologies such as Drupal, Python, Symfony PHP, and React or Angular JavaScript in developing different types of data applications. It also handles application design processes that includes a user interface and user experience design.

JavaScript Development

AngularJS is the major software that Caxy used in developing the perfect JavaScript app usually used to help improve front-end capabilities of existing back-end applications that suit the clients' needs. AngularJS apps are also thought to perform well or better than desktop apps.

Drupal Development Services Chicago

Caxy Interact has a wide array of experiences in the Drupal CMS community for years. Because of this experience, their development projects can use a variety of modules and core features. They also need not reinvent new codes and is focusing more on creating innovative solutions for content management.

Symfony PHP Web Application Development Chicago

Caxy does not only use the Symfony framework to supply a set of tools for PHP development but also use its much-improved version to grant access to a large community of supporters. Symfony has been used by at least 3,000 developers and contributors to help drive efficiency and quality.

UX Design Chicago

Caxy delivers a great user experience design by focusing on user interface design and usability, performance, utility, ergonomics, accessibility, and marketing requirements. They create and improve websites and app designs.

5.  Highland Solutions

Highland Solutions help clients imagine, create, and execute. Being in the industry for 20 years, the company has maintained a people-first attitude in bringing sound methodology, creativity, clarity, and technical expertise to its projects.

Customer Experience Consulting

Highland Solutions takes overall customer experience to the next level by developing an outside-in perspective and uncovering challenger and opportunities with the use of ethnographic research in understanding customers and their needs. They also use journey maps in visualizing the complexity of a customer's experience as well as strategic planning in changing and innovating ways to attract new customers.

Product And Service Design

The company employs an experimental mindset inspired by Design Thinking and Lean UX in developing both digital and physical interactions of customers and the products. It uses design sprints in visualizing ideas and bringing clarity to user needs and rapid prototyping testing assumptions among customers.

Customer Web And Mobile Software

Highland Solutions draws in goals and a deep understanding of users great design and savvy technical expertise. It uses Agile development techniques, develops and automates testing of codes, and has a transparent "one-team" attitude in developing interactive websites specializing in mobile apps and disruptive digital products.

CRM Technology

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a prime concern of every organization, which sometimes results to toxic micromanaging of salespeople. Highland Solutions does not want this to happen and can provide CRM platforms that address the needs of customers as well as their automated online and offline touchpoints.

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