Today's business demands for digitizing business processes constantly surpass the IT department's ability to deliver critical modern applications your business needs now.

Even more important, you may be missing out on opportunities and struggle to keep up with fierce competition. Rethinking how your organization can deliver a robust enterprise application development program that enables business and IT teams to work together effectively will mean major progress for your company. Delivering modern and mobile solutions in a few weeks, not many months also means lower costs and more time to focus on the new digital strategies that can really move the needle for every division of your company. Reaching the nirvana of application development can deliver huge cost savings, streamline operations, and create new revenue models and business models, and your business will become a standout in the marketplace.

Traditionally, businesses would address their software needs using in-house resources. However, the limitations of traditional coding and legacy technologies have made enterprise application development cycle inflexible and isolated, restricting iteration and collaborative efforts. Now a new wave of powerful low code and no code enterprise application development platforms is emerging. These platforms are able to tackle these issues seamlessly by providing agile solutions where IT collaborates with business teams and external sources to build powerful new digital solutions for all elements of your business, accounting, finance, hr, sales, marketing, planning, pricing, and virtually unlimited uses. Here are the five best enterprise application development platforms that businesses can rely on to bring custom digital transformation to your organization and quickly simplify operations in 2019.

1. Zudy

Zudy is a new-age global enterprise headed by leaders with over 30 years' experience in application development platforms for the Enterprise. The founders have built an organization that delivers a revolutionary platform to clients and customized business solutions that mean Zudy clients stay ahead of their competitors. With a skilled team of upbeat, fast-paced application development experts, Zudy is able to translate the clients' business needs into enterprise-ready applications in a few weeks that deliver fast and long-lasting results for their organizations.

The almost unbelievable no-code platform Vinyl works with midsize to large global enterprises providing highly custom and integrated solutions. Solutions that would traditionally require a 12-18 month development cycle can now be built in a few weeks and delivered into production in extremely abbreviated timeframes. This end to end development environment can deliver progressive applications or native mobile apps and uses breakthrough intelligent AppDev environment eliminating the need to develop apps twice, once for mobile and once for web. With this unique technology and unified approach, Zudy's intuitive environment empowers clients to build applications in days after a 2-day training class.

Zudy's end-to-end no-code platform has released unlimited innovation across all types of industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Pharma, Entertainment, Telecommunications, and more. The platform is designed perfectly to leverage data from the current legacy systems and applications for delivering dynamic business applications with robust responsive design, aesthetic visuals, and a flexible user interface. With the help of Zudy's powerful environment, business analysts and IT professionals feel empowered to build, iterate, and execute real-time applications, transforming web and mobile into one, in a matter of days.

Co-founded by Tom Kennedy and Trish Kennedy, Zudy is a digital transformation company that lies at the heart of this radical no-code innovation known to the industry as Vinyl Software. This rapid application development platform delivers enterprise-standard applications within days. All the solutions provided by Zudy are enterprise ready, secure, and scalable without the need to write a single line of code. However Vinyl can also deliver links to any scripting language for complex business logic should your developers require this ability. Vinyl develops sophisticated solutions across the user's landscape by inter-connecting one or all of your existing backend systems. The platform enables enterprise grade applications that work seamlessly with all the client's data sources including RDBMS and Cloud. The rapidly deployed enterprise applications allow automation and digital renovation of any business processes.

Zudy caters to all industries and offers a full range of end-to-end enterprise application development services from training and mentoring to augmentation of your development team. Zudy offers 24-hours offsite and onsite support to ensure your solutions can be maintained in a global business environment for all stakeholders.

Zudy can support your company in overcoming the shortcomings of existing legacy systems. Zudy recognizes that existing enterprise landscapes can be an anchor on innovation. With the need to digitally transform in record time you must change the way you think about building applications and modernizing systems. Multi-year implementations no longer meet the demand of today's businesses. Zudy's methodology of iteration using a declarative platform provides a new standard of implementations in a few months not years all while leveraging your existing framework.

With Zudy's support, large enterprises will be able to gain more visibility and develop advanced solutions that can simplify the existing legacy systems within an organization. The platform designed by Zudy is fully compatible with all reputed cloud-based systems such as SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, WorkDay etc. Additionally, Zudy's platform also works seamlessly with in-house RDBMS including SQL, IBM, Oracle, NoSQL, and even Cassandra.

According to Tom Kennedy, the co-founder of Zudy, enterprises are still using obsolete development strategies and curly bracket languages to create mobile and web solutions that cannot compete with Vinyl. Breaking through the bottleneck of applications waiting for development can release powerful new revenue models and business models.

Zudy can release the innovation your organization needs now to compete effectively in a digital world. No longer do you have to develop multiple code bases for mobile and web nor do you have to wait weeks for changes. Once your Vinyl app is deployed you can make changes in days and be ready to answer up to any business challenge.

Zudy increases application development from 1-2 apps per year to over 50 without increasing any resources or expenses. This alone can save your Enterprise millions in developing costs and provide extraordinary benefits based on the time to market.

2. Twilio

Twilio is a leading enterprise application development platform led by a board of directors that come equipped with years of experience in software and communication. Boasting 16 offices across 10 countries, Twilio offer an unmatched infrastructure that works effortlessly to enable worldwide communication. The company takes pride in facilitating developers all over the world in using Twilio to leverage true potential of communications in improving the experience of all stakeholders.

Twilio has made communication channels such as chat, text, voice, and video available to everyone by simulating the telecommunication network. The beauty of Twilio's operations lies in the simplicity of its APIs that are easy for all developers to use yet dynamic enough to command the world's most challenging applications.

The company has integrated communications into every software developer's repertoire, thus allowing the industry trendsetters to change the way they have been communicating with their customers.

Twilio also provides users with the infrastructure, allowing them to start the app design and execution process in the programming language they are currently using. Not only that, but the company also allows its clients to be creative with the prototypes, giving them the flexibility to only pay for what they use and scale as per demand requirements.

3. Aha!

Aha! Is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. offering unique product roadmap software to its clients. With more than 200,000 products, the enterprises trust Aha! to develop a wonderful strategy and crystal-clear product roadmaps. What began as a simple idea in 2013 to build a successful company with its happy employees and customers at the heart of it has evolved exponentially over the years and transformed into a market leader.

Aha! is a product roadmap software designed to enable companies and product managers to define the why, when, and what of their requirements before building an actual product. This tool helps users in determining their product strategy and enable them to share a comprehensive roadmap complete with features and stories. It is an all-encompassing solution that makes it easier for the client to explain their product vision and emphasize its business value to lead the product team toward a common goal.

The product management tool offered by Aha! is beneficial for companies of all shapes and sizes. Its use is applicable in different industries such as transportation, manufacturing, IT, legal, broadcasting, consumer, real estate, software, publishing, and finance.

4. Kintone

Kintone began operations over two decades ago to become one of the most preferred cloud-based solutions for custom business apps today. In all these years, the company has not only won international recognition but also gained popularity for the credibility of its software.

Kintone is a business database creation platform that allows enterprises to business applications and database apps rapidly, without the need to write intricate programming codes. At its core, Kintone is a standard app builder that offers a wide array of intuitive and flexible features for building interactive apps. One of its many features allows clients to centralize their operations and create comprehensive reports for analytical purposes. Additionally, this application platform is known for its ease of use, thus eliminating the need for platform developers.

What makes Kintone better than the rest is its ability to service all kinds of businesses. It is extremely versatile that it can be configured to satisfy the requirements of a specific operation.

The Kintone API enables businesses to integrate their existing tools with the apps to give users a bird's-eye view of the organization. There are also reporting features that employ real-time data to show analytics in graphical format. Other interesting features include chat integration, client certificate authentication, multilingual interface, etc.

5. CircleCI

CircleCI is one of the most trusted platforms for software innovation. The company offers smart automation and delivery tools to more than 25,000 organizations worldwide, including industry leaders such as Facebook, GoPro, Spotify, etc. CircleCI was founded in 2011 in San Francisco.

CircleCI empowers software teams to develop code they can trust. Technology companies all over the world depend on CircleCI's advanced integration and delivery platform to build, test, and execute business processes. They are geared toward helping developers to stay focused on creating business value without losing any precious time. As a result, CircleCI's clients are able to stay ahead of their competitors with a sweeping margin.

The experts at CircleCI deliver scale and speed that remains unrivaled in the software development industry. With more than 7 billion builds processed, CircleCI is considered to be one of the fastest-growing reliable developer tools in the world.

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