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The performance of employees plays a key role in the success of a company. It is indeed one of the prime factors that give a competitive edge to businesses, which is why organizations keep a close eye on their human resources. They know the importance of retaining the best minds, and this is why there is an HR department to take care of the personnel.

These days, departments rely on performance management software to monitor and maintain their brains. The software has become a necessity for HR managers because it offers numerous advantages and facilitates the work of the HR department. So here are the five best performance management software that companies can rely on with full confidence.

1. Duuoo

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Duuoo is a cloud-based continuous performance management platform devised to change the way performance reviews are done by medium and large organizations. The company has quickly grown to be a thought leader within the HR industry and is trusted by companies around the world.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology and purposeful design, Duuoo empowers organizations to move away from outmoded performance management practices and embrace a new paradigm. The platform gives them everything they need to hold ongoing 1-on-1s, run development reviews, collect 360° feedback, track goals and OKRs and conduct team meetings; all on one intuitive, easy to use tool. It offers different tracks for different teams to conduct different types of meetings and justify different feedback moments. This is because teams perform differently in different organizations and need specific review/feedback systems to manage that performance.

With roots in the agile software development methods utilized by Silicon Valley startups, Duuoo's software represents a radically different approach that ditches the annual performance review in favor of continuous feedback loops and iterative goal-setting, anchored by frequent 1-on-1s, project check-ins and development reviews and team-wide meetings, encouraging a build-measure-learn mindset. As a lean startup itself, Duuoo injects that agile DNA into organizations in need of innovation. What they get, is a performance management process that mirrors the ways in which people and teams actually work today, affording them the organizational agility needed to survive an ever-intensifying competitive landscape.

Employing best practices from sports and business coaching, Duuoo supports managers with relevant content and learnings so they can effectively coach and motivate their employees, while staying focused on development and performance. And what makes Duuoo truly unique, is the way in which it seamlessly integrates the various components of the performance management cycle so that feedback, goals and individual development plans all feed back into the ongoing conversations.

Secure to the core, the platform is fully GDPR compliant and meets the most stringent data protection and privacy standards. Moreover, it can integrate with an organization's existing system of record and provide single sign-on (SSO) services for a seamless experience.

With Duuoo, it becomes very easy to assign tasks, keep track of work done, and reschedule work without any hassle. Bringing Duuoo onboard ensures the implementation of an objective feedback mechanism for the HR department that aligns individual goals with that of the team. It's a recipe for healthier and more productive workforce that will ultimately result in gains for the organization.

That's because Duuoo's solution gives managers the tools they need to be great leaders and drive high-performing teams, while also empowering and motivating employees to be their best selves and hence, do their best work. Above all, the platform is refreshingly easy-to-use, and its Scandinavian design language makes for an unrivaled user experience.

So if one wants an efficient, engaging, and intuitive software solution to enhance employee engagement and performance, then Duuoo is the right choice. Just try the 30-day free trial to get a complete picture and select a subscription plan according to one's budget and performance management requirements.

2.    ClearCompany

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, ClearCompany is an award-winning performance management software provider with clients in all parts of the world. It provides a complete solution to keep the workforce in order and utilize them to the optimum extent for the benefit of the organization.

Loaded with an army of features that cover the entire range of reviews, it lets one formulate all types of feedbacks like traditional reviews, time-based reviews, peer review, and more. The software streamlines all the tasks related to human resources. One can recruit manpower, and it offers a unique facility that connects performance data to hiring, which helps to hire the cream from the talent pool.

The customizable 9-box reporting further simplifies work as one has to do lesser work with regard to data and numbers. It keeps complete track of work done, leaves, payroll, retirement, job benefits, and other components related to employees. The automation gets tasks of routine nature done on time, and one can customize it to accomplish other tasks as well. Using the software is a cakewalk, and one can keep track of every detail from a dashboard that can be accessed from mobile and desktop with equal ease. Try the free demo for preview.

3. Performance Pro

Performance Pro has been developed by HR Performance Solutions, which was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Livonia, Michigan. It offers custom performance management solution to companies, using which they can engage their employees and keep them motivated throughout their tenure with the organization. Rewards management is its forte, which helps managers offer the most competitive pay to employees, according to their position and nature of job. It explains to HR managers the logic behind pay-related differences, which further helps to figure out the most appropriate bonuses, increments, and other reward-related ratings.

Since the current work environment is all about free flow of talent, retaining the best brains is a tough job. In such a scenario, rewards can do the trick to a great extent, and this is where Performance Pro proves its prowess. With this software, one can easily find high performers, detect the ones prone to switch-off, compute contribution, and do all that which is needed to pay the best compensation as per the current market scenario. Speaking of market scenario, one can also use the insights provided by the software to restructure salaries. So if one wants a reward-centric performance management software, Performance Pro is the best option.

4. PerformYard

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, PerformYard was developed with the intention to provide a revolutionary software that offered top-notch functionality to HR managers but ensured delightful experience to employees. Today, it comes across as a powerful and feature-rich performance management software fit for modern-day organizations to manage their employees.

Suited for companies across the spectrum, the software is a unique combination of simplicity and smartness. One can use it as simply as one uses a social media account and control everything from an engaging interface. It installs in minutes, and one can get going soon after. It helps provide reviews of all types, administer tasks, track holidays, set alerts for tasks, and do more. It plays a key role in performance improvement, and the best part is that the reports provided by the software help the employer to devise effective strategies around human resource planning for future needs. Safe and sound, it protects privacy of users at all steps of operation.

So if one is looking for a simple, smart, flexible, and feature-rich performance management software to monitor employees, then PerformYard fits the bill from every angle. Try the free demo to get a taste of what lies ahead.

5. Engagedly

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Engagedly is a well-known and award-winning performance management software that boasts of a large customer base. It provides tools that can be used for continuous feedback and wholesome reviews. It is loaded with rating system, survey templates, comparison systems, points module, and many other review applications. However, the best is the multi-rater feedback feature, which can make the feedback process anonymous and also allow nomination of users for feedback.

The team members can motivate each other by giving reward points for fine performance. The software is also a pro at goal setting, and one can spell out clear objectives for team members. The employees can track work done by them and assess their personal contribution in the composite goal. This fosters accountability in the employees and thus enhances performance. What is more, it facilitates collaboration among team members, which creates a platform for innovation. All in all, Engagedly is focused on the betterment and progress of human resources. True to its name, it helps in employees' engagement in the most organic manner.

Thus, if one is aiming to get a driven and dedicated workforce, one can rely on Engagedly to achieve the same.

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