10 Things You Must Know About Docusend.Biz

29 March 2019, 3:39 pm EDT By Michael Lee Tech Times

1.) Docusend is a unique software product launched in the third quarter of 2015 that prints and mails invoices, notices, and other documents directly to the U.S. Post Office. Often referred to as a cloud-based mailroom, it is a proprietary process that extracts targeted information from PDF images and rebuilds only the address without altering the other variables on the source document. This eliminates the requirement to map data and maintain proprietary programs that are generally used when preparing a document for mailing. Docusend's most recent version allows it's users to access their own cloud-based mailroom; a no-contract, no overhead solution for mailing customer invoices and documents very quickly.

2.) Docusend is an interactive website where businesses can upload their PDF documents in a few minutes, to be mailed the next business day. The pay as you go service avoids the high transactional costs that come along with outsourcing print-to-mail services to traditional print vendors. This is especially beneficial to both small and mid sized companies that need an easy, out-the-door print-to-mail/email service with no monthly minimums or contracts.

3.) Docusend provides a complete document delivery process that includes paper, envelopes, printing, inserting, mailing and reporting for one low, inclusive price. It is known for promptly mailing documents the next business day and is perfect for companies who are looking to save time and money with its automated PDF document mailing process.

4.) DocuSend's cloud-based mailroom is a great solution for mailing any type of customer communications - from monthly invoices to renewal notices, welcome letters to collection letters, legal documents to tax forms among others. Documents are printed in portrait orientation on 8.5" x 11" standard white paper and inserted in a window envelope. The company offers both emailing and traditional mail services anywhere in the globe.

5.) Pricing for a one-page document printed in black ink is $.80 including postage. Users can select perforated paper, a remit to envelope, or color printing at incremental fees. Additional options include multiple paged documents, supplemental inserts, certified mail, and oversize (up to 65 pages) documents. Addresses that do not line up with envelope window placements are corrected for $.03 per document mailed.

6.) Whether a company mails one document or thousands, DocuSend provides a history of all account activity, including documents mailed, emailed, file upload dates, and a cost summary in a secure 24/7 convenient dashboard. The cloud-based mailroom has a complimentary archive and retrieval system called The Image Bank. This provides easy access to six months history of customer document images for viewing, reprint and distribution.

7.) Initially, a user will be provided with a user ID (email address) and a temporary password after uploading and approving one's first file. The username and password can be changed in the portal. Other users can also be added or edited in the DocuSend Portal at any time.

8.) DocuSend is a pay-as-you-go service and accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. For customers with larger volumes of mail, a pre-pay service is available and can be discussed by contacting DocuSend's customer support team.

9.) For accounting and billing software providers that need a print to mail solution, the company offers a REST API solution that can easily integrate into their product line. This provides a recurring revenue stream by simply adding a 'Send U.S. Mail' option on their print menu. The fully supported free integration process has no startup fees, offers unlimited templates, uploads, and users with no ongoing fees.

10.) The DocuSend Affiliate Partner program provides a recurring revenue stream to businesses that want to provide a document delivery service to their clients without having to integrate the REST API. It's as simple as adding a customized DocuSend affiliate link on to their website.

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