Top 5 Best Resort Management Software in 2019

26 March 2019, 11:37 am EDT By Staff Reporter Tech Times

A resort is a pretty big property when it comes to management. It is a meticulous task of monumental magnitude. Multiple areas need to be micro-monitored to master the art and science of resort management. Well, in the present context, it makes sense to take help from technology to perform these tasks efficiently. Resort management software is the technology for the task, which serves as a great tool for managers and resort owners, helping them perform the task to precision. However, not all deserve to be invested in, and hence, here is a roundup of five best resort management software in 2019 that are worth the money.

1. Resort Data Processing

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Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Vail, Colorado, Resort Data Processing was founded with the aim to provide hotels and resorts with a powerful software that would help their business grow. In its 30-years lifetime, the software has seen installation at more than 1,000 locations across the globe with users giving out glowing reviews about the performance of RDP. Every day, 800 businesses rely on RDP to manage their resorts, and it includes the entire spectrum of commercial properties such as hotels, timeshares, condo, RV resorts, and workforce housing that are offered for rent to tenants, guests, backpacker, tourists, corporates, etc.

It is a solid and exhaustive software that works for the betterment of the client by focusing on efforts that would generate substantial additional income for the resort owners. It offers a host of income-generating tools, the most prominent among them being the internet reservation module through which the client can integrate their website with the booking engine or API of RDP. It facilitates reservations for guests, hotel owners, travel agents, groups, and wholesalers throughout the year, letting them access directly into the RDP system. There is mobile formatted booking engine to get more customers, as more people search and book hotels through their smartphones, helping drive conversions. The guest itinerary and activities pave way for selling additional items such as golf, boats, and the like. One can also create virtual store to sell services such as spa, yoga, and the like. Click here to schedule an in depth demo.

The software has in-built mechanism to calculate additional reservation charges for the bookings and purchase. To further increase the revenue, there is facility to create packages with extra rates that include breakfast, honeymoon, and more. One can increase occupancy through the guest rewards and point system, which works to one's advantage in the off-season or the slow season or mass inventory distribution through the RDP global distribution system or affiliated integrations. For customer engagement, there is automatic guest survey that can be used as a form as well as a persuasive marketing tool to generate another booking.

The automatic email confirmations provide mass email facility that ensures customer retention while also paving the way for fresh bookings. RDP eases the operations-related task for management, and one can make reservations, check out statements, disburse payments, monitor work calendar, make work entries, and much more. This ease of operations works in the favor of staff and reduces the phone calls by a significant degree.

Using the software, one can keep tabs on the resort through a single platform that is accessible from mobile and desktop anytime, anywhere. Safe and sealed against data breaches, it secures the payment gateways, maintains the privacy of users, and sends alerts if any suspicious activity is detected. It is also flexible. In fact, adaptability is its middle name, and it changes for each client and every system is custom built to the needs of customer and their operation style.

RDP introduces new features as per the client's demand and also adds switches to the specific feature so that it is active only for the specific customer. Their latest edition is RDPWin V5, which is built with focus on efficiency and the ability to expand with the future. This is the most powerful and comprehensive solution to date and comes with new modules and features built to fuel your business for years to come. It is easy to configure, it gets started in minutes, and the user can feel the effect of the software's efficiency within days. The staff is available 24/7, all year round for support and dedicated implementation.

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RDP believes in building solid bridges with customers, and it is best reflected in the multiple customer conference held by the company every year, where hundreds of customers congregate to receive in-depth training and give feedback and suggestions. The brainstorming brings out the best ideas, and most of RDP's top features are the result of this conference. So if one wants a revenue-oriented software that would churn out results in record time while also being adaptable and affordable, then Resort Data Processing is the right route to take. Schedule your demo now! 

2.   Cloudbeds

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Cloudbeds was founded in 2012 and is currently headquartered in San Diego, California, with offices in Sao Paulo and Dublin. It provides a suite of property management software for hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and B&Bs. Recipient of several awards and rated highly by reputed publication and forums, it is a competent software with efficient features to ensure seamless operations for the hotel business. It automates room availability through the booking engine and offers a drag-and-drop interface for guests to check in and out.

The secure payment system ensures money as soon as the booking is done, and the real-time tracking allows for instant decision making as well as better control on the operations. One can easily gather insights about pricing, revenue, marketing strategy, and more. One can review the status of bookings, cancelation, ratings, etc. Also, the customer relationship feature automates "thank you" notes and mass emails to visitors to increase the engagement.

Cloudbeds is truly a bed of roses for the user. The simple interface is easy to understand, and after a few sessions, one gets going with the software. So if one is looking for a smart and reliable resort management solution that would take care of every resort operation, then one can book Cloudbeds without a second thought.

3. RMS Hotel

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RMS Hotel was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Keilor Park, Victoria. It offers a complete cloud-based property management software that gives the most intuitive interface to users to work on. No wonder, it powers more than 6,000 properties in 30 countries and gets rave reviews from users located across the globe. It utilizes latest HTML5 technology to give a functional visual experience to the user who can utilize the features of the software to streamline resort operations.

The online booking can be customized to cater to individual needs. It oversees the different heads of booking such as reservation, rates, room availability, guest name, housekeeping status, occupancy, etc. The real-time updates give the latest information, and one can monitor the work while also scheduling tasks for the team, sitting anywhere in the world.

The reporting feature offers daily reports, regular audits, accounting details, and more. This can be utilized to make timely decisions that would lead to increase in revenue, reduction in costs, and better customer engagement. RMS Hotel is responsive, adaptable, and affordable, which translates into 100 percent satisfaction for the user. So if one wants a robust, cloud-based resort management software to improve the resort operations, then RMS Hotel is the right choice.


4. eZee Absolute

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The foundation stone of eZee Absolute was laid in 2005 in Surat, Gujarat, when two friends came up with the idea of a software that would revolutionize the hospitality industry. Today, the cloud-based resort management software is a winner with presence in more than 140 countries and powers hospitality businesses across the spectrum. It is trusted by hotels, motels, restaurants, resorts, and similar hospitality industry entities, irrespective of scale and size of operation. It helps resorts manage the operations and serve guests in the most competent manner.

The different features offered by eZee Absolute automate the customer booking system, letting the guests book on the go and pay for the services through a secure gateway. Meanwhile, one gets to manage the operations of the resort as in check reservation, guest list, occupancy, etc., through a simple interface. It is very easy to work with and feels as convenient as operating a social media account. This in-depth application brings together the reliability of traditional property management system and strength of modern internet booking engines.

Its central reservation system and mobile guest self-service portal further add to the efficiency, resulting in improved control and increased bookings. So if anyone looking for an easy-to-use and efficient resort management, pick eZee Absolute, they are absolutely right in the choice.


5. Maestro PMS

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Maestro PMS was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Markham, Ontario. In these four decades, it has grown into a major PMS provider and today boasts of a global client base spread in more than 20 countries. It offers a flexible and fit property management solution to manage the resort business. This PCI-certified solution is available on premise as well as in cloud. One can also manage everything from mobile. The simple interface loads smoothly, letting one control everything in real time.

The robust tracking keeps check on every move, from booking to budget and social media engagement. One can also personalize the system to suit the unique management needs of the resort. Maestro PMS is adaptable and integrates with third-party tools effortlessly.

The same goes for its operation, and it works out of the box. Most importantly, it is safe from all angles and provides crucial data to improve the operations. It generates automated reports, and one can set alerts for future tasks in present. In other words, it helps deal with every aspect of operation in the most diligent manner. So saying yes to Maestro PMS is like saying yes to lower costs, improved productivity, and more customers. If one wants these, it makes sense to invest in Maestro PMS.

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