Top 5 Best Blockchain Development Companies in 2019

15 April 2019, 3:25 pm EDT By Staff Reporter Tech Times

Headed toward progression and buzzing with boundless promise, blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. It is no less than a revolutionary technology in the present scenario, which is making inroads in different industries and is being adopted by businesses in large numbers.

Its high transparency and security quotient have made it a big draw among companies. It is popular in cryptocurrency, finances, auditing, supply chain, and other fields. Businesses are utilizing it in different ways, and there are many blockchain technology service providers that cater to the needs of such businesses. Here are the top 5 Blockchain development companies that are known for building best blockchain technology apps.


(Photo : Eleks)

ELEKS is a reputed software engineering and consultancy firm based in Ukraine that entered the market in 1991 and has grown steadily over the years, branching into various fields, including blockchain technology. Its clients comprise Fortune 500 companies, big technology firms, and even startups that have soared to heights of success using the brilliance of blockchain at the hands of ELEKS.

It offers tokenization, data storage, digital identity management, secure document transfer, and loyalty reward capabilities to businesses, helping them improve efficiency and security, leading to better services at their end, routed through the blockchain assembly line. It has been a pioneer in this field and is contributing immensely to the growth of those companies that are adopting blockchain to infuse novelty and strength into their business operations. It provides cryptocurrency integration services for Ethereum and Bitcoin, the most popular blockchain domains that thrive on the prowess of the groundbreaking technology. It also delivers smart contracts based on solidity and permission private ledger comprising Ethereum fork and Hyperledger.

The team of UI/UX designers thinks through different designing techniques and then comes up with the best solution that would satisfy and engage the end user to the fullest. Also, it does not end with deployment, as the team monitors the efficacy of the solution consistently to eliminate risks if they occur at any point of time. ELEKS is committed to client success and gives its best in all the segments where blockchain is deployed to enhance business operations.

For companies dealing with finance and audit, it offers the most advanced distributed ledger technology, which weeds out the need to hire expensive lawyers, brokers, bankers, and the like. It reduces accounting costs while also ensuring the security of the financial transactions as third-party intervention comes to a minimum. All this optimizes efficiency and enhances growth. It also supercharges the financial operations by eliminating the downtime and long hours so frequently encountered in cash transactions. With blockchain in place, transactions take place in minutes, 24/7.

The distributed ledger technology brings about smart tracking in place, and one can access any product-related information such as price, location, quality, etc., round the clock, which allows businesses to deal with the complex supply chain issues in the smoothest possible manner. For businesses making use of smart contracts, ELEKS offers first-rate administrative control and ensures transparency between the different stakeholders that are parties to the contract.

It optimizes data security, irrespective of the environment, the smart contracts operate in. So partnering with ELEKS makes for a smart business idea that would yield gains for any business looking to make the most of the blooming blockchain technology. It is devoted to the cause of the client and offers tailor-made solutions that address their business needs from tip to toe.

The dynamic team of experts knows its job and is not averse to getting its hands dirty while dealing with challenges. Always up-to-date with the trends and evolving techniques, ELEKS is an all-rounder Blockchain development company that offers advanced and befitting solutions at competitive prices. So if one is looking for a reputed blockchain company that delivers robust solutions, then one can safely put their money on ELEKS.

2. OpenLedger

(Photo : OpenLedger)

OpenLedger is a modern-day blockchain development company that has been rising in the ranks ever since it began its journey in 2014 in Copenhagen. It was launched with the intention to help companies utilize the power of blockchain for real business transformation and has been successful in its objective.

Today, it powers hundreds of businesses with its blockchain services — Graphene and BitShares, Hyperledger and Smart Contracts, and products such as HubDSP, White Label DEX, and BitShareScan. It is suited for businesses trading in cryptocurrency, marketing analysts, financial services, banks, insurance, health care, media and many more.

The team at OpenLedger collaborates to create custom solutions for businesses that optimize business processes, usher in transparent operations, and give one full immediate control over one's assets. It is proficient in developing all kinds of blockchain-based tools and delivers solutions that work out of the box.

They are based on cutting-edge technology and conform to the highest industry standards. Secure, high on quality, and growth-oriented, the solutions are exactly what a business would need in the current times to make it big in the market. So if one is looking to get a dynamic decentralized network built on blockchain from a credible builder, one can trust OpenLedger with the task.

3. Infopulse

(Photo : Infopulse)

Infopulse, a part of Nordic IT group EVRY A/S, is a trusted IT solutions provider founded in 1991. Represented in 10 countries of Europe, the company is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. Infopulse is counted among the top blockchain development and consulting firms. Their services are geared to push the smoothest digital transformation for businesses that want to adopt blockchain and break new ground in their respective fields.

The company develops blockchain solutions for businesses operating in banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, automotive, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and other fields. A full range of services is provided for business requirements analysis, system architecture design, migration and integration with local systems. Infopulse works with all the popular blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Cardano, Ripple, R3 Corda, etc. Their experienced team of blockchain experts works closely with clients to develop efficient solutions with excellent UX/UI that would meet business goals in time and deliver results shortly after deployment.

Their solutions fit existing framework like a glove, fortifying it against threats and risks with decentralization, trust, and better transparency. Fit for startups, SMEs, and enterprises, it empowers all scales of business operations with the most advanced blockchain technology and ensures the best results in every sphere. Cost-efficient and powerful, the blockchain services of Infopulse are worth investing money in.

4. MixBytes

(Photo : MixBytes)

MixBytes is an upcoming blockchain development company that was formed in 2017 and is based in Moscow. In its short lifespan, it has amassed a long client list and earned glowing reviews from reputed forums. The company, as it claims, holds expertise in developing cutting-edge blockchain projects and offers smart contracts, DApps, smart contracts audit, ICO solutions, and decentralized solutions development services.

Each of these services is equally competent, and due care is taken to personalize it according to client requirements. It works with all well-known blockchain systems such as Bitcoin, BitShares, Ethereum, and the like. Also, it is suited for a wide range of industries from media to finance to medicine, giving every niche the niftiest of technology. It lays a huge emphasis on innovation and keeps up with the emerging blockchain trends and technology to deliver the most advanced services to the clients.

Having committed itself to the betterment of blockchain, there is no doubt that signing up for MixBytes is equal to making the most intelligent move for the betterment of one's business. So if one is looking for a modern, dynamic, and diligent blockchain developer that delivers custom solutions, then MixBytes is the most meaningful choice one can make.

5. LeeWayHertz

(Photo : LeewayHertz)

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, LeeWayHertz is a well-known blockchain development company that has played a key role in the development of more than 100 enterprise-grade digital platforms across the world. The developer's commitment to client's success is its defining trait, and it holds specialization in developing blockchain applications, namely, Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Hashgraph, which work for all verticals.

The team at LeeWayHertz has its fingers on the pulse of blockchain users and thus provides custom solutions to supercharge the business transactions in line with the client's expectations. Having experience in cloud, IoT, AI, and mobile technology adds to the brilliance of the services provided, and one gets the most relevant and well-rounded blockchain solution.

With these solutions fueling the business processes, one gains more transparency, efficiency, and trust in the operations. It cuts the operational costs and eliminates the need for hiring manpower, which also ushers in higher security. What is more, it automates hundreds of tasks, ensuring compliance with the deadlines and superior performance in day-to-day operations. Credible, experienced, and engaging, LeeWayHertz offers the best, and if one is looking to reach the business goals in time, this is the ideal developer to bank on.

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