7 Reasons you Need Voice Development APP for your Business

2 May 2019, 10:50 am EDT By Ernest Hamilton Tech Times

Business and technology have always worked hand in hand. Business owners over the years have used technology to grow their businesses. The increase in the use of mobile phones has made business owners to make use of technology even more.

Android and windows mobile phones all have their own respective mobile stores for the download of applications. This mobile store is meant for the users to download apps that will help them enjoy the phones' full power. Recently businesses have come to understand that by making MOBILE APPS and putting them in the mobile stores would put their business in the eyes of millions of phone users.

Businesses use mobile apps for numerous reasons. Mobile technology facilitates branding, provide information to customers about new services and new products on-the-go. Engage with customers. It also helps to increase sales and revenue. When you think of how many times users check their emails and apps it is imperative that every business have a mobile app.

However, the way mobile apps are been used is changing among its users. Businesses who want to keep up with the trend in order not to be seen as dinosaurs must adapt to these changes.

The recent trend right now is the emergence of voice-enabled mobile apps. All over the world, mobile phone users are speaking to their phones, tablets, pads e.t.c on a daily basis. This is a little different from the use of google assistant and others. Now people are interacting with voice-enabled mobile apps for information about businesses.

For business owners who are still considering the process of having a voice development app, here are the reasons you should invest in it asap:

Leading the competition

Statistics show that only about 15% of businesses use voice developed apps. Having a voice app would put you above your competitors. It would also boost your brand image as a leading outfit in whatever sector of business you are involved in.

Make your business more user-friendly

The use of voice-controlled apps would make your customers find it easier to do business with you. It would also make it more convenient as they don't have to regularly tap their screen to get something done.

Cost effective

Every business is out to make profit and reduce cost as much as possible. The cost of making a voice -controlled app is much lower recently than what it was years ago. Today as statistics have shown, it takes software companies an average of a week to develop these apps.

It allows customers to communicate with their hands

This is especially important for users with a disability. Those users who don't have the control of their hands can do their shopping, they can place an order all with their mobile assistants. This is a very important gesture to these people.

A chance to leave the screen behind

With the upturn in the number of voice controlled app in circulation. Users would spend less and less time on their screen. If your app is not voice controlled you will miss out.

Facilitate voice search activities

One of the most important reasons for developing an app is quick response.With this customers can access whatever they want quickly and easily.

Boost brand value

Voice controlled mobile app is the new thing. businesses who have this app would boost their brand image and position themselves for improved revenue. People don't buy products they buy brand.

Mobile apps are important to business growth. Now the most important app is the one that is voice enabled. These apps are well positioned for the next-big-thing.

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