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4 May 2019, 10:18 am EDT By Ernest Hamilton Tech Times

There are some logistical tasks of running a company that most business owners and entrepreneurs don't want to deal with. These are tasks that are necessary but might be termed "menial" or "mundane." They are the tasks done at the ground level and would seem to have next to little impact on the long-term success of the company itself.

However, these are tasks that are essential for every company to have a strong grasp of and handle on if they want the business to run smoothly. Yes, they are tasks that happen at the ground level, but this is the place where much of the day-to-day production is completed.

So while business owners and entrepreneurs might not want to deal with or think about these tasks often, they are still items that have to be done properly and checked off the list before anything of "real value," as these leaders might say, can get done.

One of these "menial" tasks is employee scheduling — an aspect that often causes the most headaches at any business. An improperly managed employee scheduling system will not only take up the time of managers to fix and track; it could also cost the company a lot of money in mismanaged costs.

Employee Scheduling Costs Money

Some industries have it worse than others, but all companies have a definitive cost in terms of money and time that is spent on making sure they have the correct number of employees and the correct positions scheduled at the right time. After that aspect of scheduling has been figured out, though, there is also the time and cost associated with making changes on the fly, tracking the time of employees and paying them accordingly.

While not every business will have the same obstacles or moving parts to deal with as the restaurant industry does, no business is immune from it.

An inefficient employee scheduling system can cause headaches among managers and costs to skyrocket as:

  • employees call out or don't show up for work
  • employees get confused about their schedule
  • overtime costs go through the roof to fill unanticipated open spots
  • time isn't tracked easily and properly

Digital Time Clock Software To The Rescue

One of the simplest and most effective ways to solve the problem of an ineffective employee scheduling system is to use digital time clock software. In today's business world, it should be an integral part of any organization's employee management system.

Digital time clock software can be suited to any business' needs to deliver accurate attendance scheduling and data. The software can help companies with compliance, project, and task management in addition to the numerous benefits it provides in the employee scheduling realm.

Some of the key features of the digital time clock software include:

  • multiple ways for employees to clock in and out of work, including biometric, proximity card/fob, web-based, mobile, and telephone
  • Mobile workforce management, including tracking and scheduling absences, scheduling, and overtime
  • A wealth of reporting tools
  • Budget and forecasting functions so businesses can plan and manage their labor costs

Digital time clock software uses the most up-to-date technology to run the entire employee scheduling process in the cloud, providing companies with the benefit of being able to manage and track scheduling from anywhere, at any time. At the same time, the software offers 24/7 data protection with firewalls and SSL encryption to guarantee that all of a company's data and those of their employees are safe and secure at all times.

Digital Time Clock Software Manages Projects Too

Digital time clock software doesn't just assist businesses with managing their workforce. It can also bring total clarity and control to business owners and entrepreneurs in regard to projects going on underneath them on the organizational ladder.

By integrating directly with the employee scheduling system, the software automates project workflow in the process. This allows team leaders to set up the proper workflows and make any revisions they need. This ultimately improves user efficiency, helping employees work smarter and faster.

Managers can very easily assign tasks through the software and give the appropriate employees the appropriate permissions for the many different projects and tasks that need to be completed. Digital time clock software also integrates seamlessly with other software or applications that a workforce might use for another aspect of the business.

Some of these third-party integrations include:

  • Accounting software programs such as QuickBooks or Excel
  • Payroll systems such as PeopleSoft , Paychex, and Sage
  • Staffing tools such as Bullhorn

This Is A Total Management System

Digital time clock software is an all-in-one system that allows a company to manage employee schedules and employee productivity and then track and appropriately compensate employees for their work.

These are three aspects of the employee management process that can cost companies the most time, effort, and, ultimately, money. That's why a digital time clock management system is so essential for companies that need to manage a medium to large workforce.

  • Team leaders can easily use the software to schedule their employees, see what holes they might have in a schedule, predict where shortages or overages might occur, and also make adjustments on the fly when needed.
  • Employees can easily clock into and out of work through a number of available options that remove the burden of carrying a paper punch card or remembering their exact hours and writing them down on a paper timesheet later.
  • Managers can then verify and track their employees' time and productivity on the job with the software's reporting and tracking tools. Finally, the company can process payroll automatically without headaches once this data has been collected for output at the end of a payroll period.

In today's ever-changing business world, a digital time clock software system is a valuable tool that any business owner and entrepreneur should strongly consider to make their professional life a lot easier.

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