Top 5 Best Shopify Sales Boosting Apps In 2019

15 May 2019, 9:40 am EDT By Ernest Hamilton Tech Times

The e-commerce boom has led to a spiraling rise in the number of retail entrepreneurs. Businesses from different sectors are showing up on the e-commerce shore, and for most of these businesses, Shopify is the number one e-commerce platform to power their e-stores. Its user-friendly and intuitive characteristics have won it millions of users who are more than happy to have it power their stores.

In fact, they keep looking to add to the power of Shopify with sales-boosting apps, and to their delight, there are many such apps that do the needful with great conviction. Here are the five best apps from the bustling lot.

1. Nextsale

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An all-in-one Shopify sales boosting app, Nextsale was launched in March 2019 and is fast evolving into a powerful app, winning hearts in the e-commerce universe with its extraordinary qualities and smart features. It offers eight completely different triggers to boost sales, and among them, the most effective is social proof, which increases sales by leaps and bounds. It brings to fore the customer activities on the website, revealing to the visitors the dynamism that builds credibility among the target audience.

When the visitors see the activities, they are positively influenced and end up buying the product or subscribing to the site. It offers social proof pop-ups to highlight visitor count, recent purchases, discounts, best-selling deals, promos, and the like. In one way or another, social proof serves to strengthen the reputation of the seller.

Social proof
(Photo : Nextsale) Social proof

The second-way Nextsale pushes the customers to buy the products is by creating urgency. By revealing the limited offers, expiring deals, and the like through promo bars on the product and cart pages, it shows how scarce the products are. This sense of urgency invokes interest and curiosity in the visitors and, in the majority of the cases, leads to sales in a record time frame.

It provides 100 percent real data about the behavior of the visitors and customers. The insights prove helpful in framing marketing strategies, as one is able to detect the areas that need improvement and the areas which can be capitalized for gains. It is a total treat for the users, as it installs in minutes and works out of the box.

One just needs to connect the store, create the campaign, and it is good to go. Moreover, it is customizable and grants one full freedom to tweak the interface the way one likes. One can connect many stores from one single dashboard and get the theme, font, color, and many other variables customized to suit one's personal taste and requirements. Being mobile responsive, it loads on all screen sizes and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Featured in countless of websites, Nextsales are adored by many entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. T To mentioned a few, in Beta List, they are 1st place for trending product, obdained as one of the best products of the day on Product Hunt and was featured in staff picks section in Shopify App Store.

Nextsale also have an affiliate program. It's easy to join and easy to share. A win-win situation where everyone you refer gets 50% discount on the plan of their choice for the first 3 months. You get one time 50% of the plan that the referred user has subscribed to. For more details of their affiliate program and where to sign up visit

Well, with Nextsale to guide the sales-boosting exercise, one can definitely expect a reduction in advertising costs, improvement in team productivity, better communication with the team, and enhancement in customer satisfaction. Since it has been exclusively designed for e-commerce businesses and dealerships, it knows what moves customers and how they can be influenced in the favor of the business. A performer par excellence, it guarantees results according to one's expectations. So if one is looking to get a smart but simple-to-use sales boosting app for Shopify that would generate leads and sales in record time, then Nextsale is surely a great choice.


The story of started in 2012 under the name of Sweet Tooth Rewards. Currently headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, it is a distinct Shopify sales boosting app known for its loyalty/reward program that powers more than 25,000 businesses across the globe. It lives and swears by loyalty program and helps business increase sales through the same. It lets one create customized loyalty programs where one gets to issue reward points to the customers on the basis of their activities such as account creation, product sharing on social media, becoming a follower, etc.

The idea is to motivate valuable customers to join the programs, keep them engaged and then turn them into advocates to promote and empower the brand. As it says, it wants to make every merchant and customer smile, and it does so with great skill.

The user gets to skyrocket sales operating an intuitive and customizable dashboard that molds without any ado. One gets a carte blanche to customize the programs, add tools, and tweak the features to fit in with the business needs. On the customer's end, they find the site a smooth sail and get to engage with the utmost ease. Available in free as well as a paid version, the latter offers upgraded features that further enhance the efficacy of the app. So if one wants a loyalty program-centric sales boosting app, is the answer.

3. RetargetApp

Started in May 2015, RetargetApp comes forward as a unique advertising and sales-boosting app that has been rated as one of the top 10 high-impact Shopify apps. Honed for Facebook and Instagram, it is a completely automated solution that helps the user run ads on social media platforms like a pro. It helps with campaign building and offers settings that are studded with the best advertising practices. One can use them to advertise on social media and target the audiences for conversion into sales.

The app keeps an eye on the campaign and offers regular updates about the performance, ensuring it remains within budget. It also makes an adjustment to the budget with an eye on cost-effectiveness. One gets full access to the campaign stats directly in Facebook Ads Manager. Easy to use, it has a simple dashboard from where the user calls the shots and manages everything, from the team to the customers, with mere clicks. Available in six pricing formats, it offers enough flexibility to the user to choose a plan. There is also a free trial offer for those who want a preview. If one is looking for an app that focuses on remarketing and makes it a cakewalk, then RetargetApp is the right choice in every regard.

4. Refersion

Refersion is a top-rated affiliate management app that was launched in 2015 and today powers the affiliate network of more than 2,000 merchants all over the world, promising to gain even more users in the days to come. The app helps online shops monitor sales that are driven by affiliates, influencers, and promoters. It comes with a simple interface from where one can track every digital sale referred by the affiliate, getting updates about clicks and conversions in real time. One can automate commissions via unlimited commission structures, regular performance reports, and automatic approvals for affiliates and orders. Building and improving rapport with affiliates is also easy as one gets to manage everything from the personalized affiliate portal that molds as per the business needs.

The analytics performance dashboard provides comprehensive insights about the performance, and with commissions and payments visible all at once, one can be sure nothing goes offtrack. Responsive, robust, and adaptable, it keeps the client on top priority and offers consistent support through and through. It takes only minutes to get started, as one only needs to connect one's store to the app and the rest gets moving. Try the 14-day free trial to get a look at the power-packed performance.

5. Privy

Founded in 2011 and based in Boston, Massachusetts, Privy is a popular and powerful sales boosting app for Shopify that enjoys a user base ranging over 200,000 small and medium businesses across the world. It has been built to enhance engagement, eliminate abandonment, and increase sales. It helps do the same by offering endearing triggers that are designed to enhance the email list by making visitors sign up and turn into customers. The targeted pop-ups are stationed at opportune locations to reduce cart abandonment and make people buy the product before exiting the e-store.

The coupon reminders, welcome series, and similar high-converting features are tailored to turn visitors back to the website to make a purchase. Add to it the intuitive interface with drag-and-drop designer and numerous display types that makes working with the app a delight. One can alter and integrate the app without any restriction. No coding knowledge is needed to tweak the features, and if faced with any problem at any stage, help is only a chat/email/message away. So if one is searching for a reputed and robust app that would boost sales in the most organic manner, then one can put their money on Privy. It delivers results without wrecking the rules.

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