BLAUX Portable AC Reviews – Important Information Revealed
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Every place on Earth isn't blessed with all-rounded weather as it can get pretty hot in summers. Thankfully air conditioning was invented just to tackle that very problem except that it brought some additional problems of its own. The two major problems being increased electricity bills and the difficulty to install.

Just like everything else, air conditioners have become smarter and more efficient with time but these two aforementioned problems are only reduced and not completely eliminated. Does this mean they'll always be a cause of concern?

Well, no as portable air conditioners exist and further reduce the impact of those initial problems. The one that's getting a lot of attention recently is the BLAUX Portable AC. Let's have a look at some of it's specs to see if it really is as impressive as people conceive it to be or a scam.

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Introduction & Uses

Now, the BLAUX Portable AC, as you'd expect any portable air conditioner to be, is a small and easy to carry cooling device that can be used anywhere. Being battery powered, it can run without having to be plugged in all the time, which makes it more versatile than a normal portable air conditioner.

That's great and all but, at this point, most people would ask why would anyone need it or prefer it over a traditional AC? The decision to choose a portable air conditioner to a traditional one all comes down to the ease of installation and the fact that one portable AC can be used in multiple places as it's not fixed in place.

A permanent solution may be better in the long run but it's also expensive to install and not to mention its complexities. Most people need their rooms cooled but can't quite afford to have a permanent AC installed or don't want to go through the process of getting it installed. For them, portable air conditioners are the way to go.

The BLAUX Portable AC, however, is no ordinary portable air conditioner. This is because, as mentioned earlier, it runs off battery power. This not only makes it easier to use than a normal portable AC (as it doesn't need to be plugged in every time before being used) but also cheaper to run as it saves a lot of electricity.

High electricity consumption has always been synonymous with air conditioners. While they are getting more efficient by the day, they still make a person end up with high electricity bills. This was even the case with most portable ACs. BLAUX, however, came up with this ingenious battery operated solution that has solved the age old problem.

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It's amazing how something that seems as groundbreaking as the BLAUX Portable AC can be based on a simple design. Here are some of its features and their corresponding functionalities that help the BLAUX Portable AC do its job:

Cooling Technology

The BLAUX Portable AC uses Peltier Effect for cooling the air. It is a thermoelectric process that uses the voltage difference of two electrical junctions to change the temperature of air. The cold air is accumulated at one junction and is then ready to be used for cooling.


While, at the end of the day, it is an "air conditioner", however, it can actually do much more than that. The BLAUX Portable AC can also be used as a heater thanks to the thermoelectric effect that we talked about earlier. The hot air is accumulated at the other junction, which can be used for heating purposes. Apart from that one can also use it as a humidifier or just as a fan if they desire.

Variable Fan Speeds

The BLAUX Portable AC has a fan to direct the cold air generated inside to the outside. The fan has three speeds that allow it to be used specifically as needed. If not much cooling is required, the fan can be kept at its slowest speed, which will result in a better battery life. However, if more cooling is required, the fastest speed can help the fan pump out air at an amazing 2.7m/s.

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Refillable Water Tank

The Peltier effect, that helps in cooling, requires water in order to work. This is why the BLAUX Portable AC comes with a 300ml water tank, which is an adequate capacity to keep the cooling process going on for a long time. In case the water level goes low, the tank is easily refillable.

Rechargeable Battery

Probably the most unique feature of the BLAUX Portable AC. It is a 200mAh lithium unit that can be charged via USB-C at DC5V, just like a smartphone. It is enough to keep the AC running at a maximum of 8 hours (at the slowest fan speed of course).

Air Filter

Lastly, the BLAUX Portable AC has an air filter inside of it, which is similar in looks and size as the one found in cars. It helps filter out dust particles and ionizes the air in order to neutralize contaminants that might cause allergies.


  • It is easy to install and use.
  • Smaller size and lightweight meaning it can be carried around easily.
  • One unit can be used for multiple places though not simultaneously.
  • Adjustable grille to pinpoint the direction of the airflow.
  • At just 40dB it barely makes any sound.
  • Helps save up significantly on electricity bills.
  • Comes at an affordable price.


  • Only available to order from the website and there's no way to get it offline.
  • Not as powerful as a traditional AC.
  • There could've been a bigger battery for more battery life.

Price & Verdict

The BLAUX Portable AC is available in 4 different packages depending how many many units are bought together. The good news is that, for a limited time, the prices are discounted, which makes the already reasonable device, even more affordable. The prices are as follows:

Personal Cool Pack (1 unit) $89.99

Too Cool Pack (2 units) $179.98

Three's Company Pack (3 units) $202.48

Mega Cool Pack (4 units) $247.47

The prices are subjective to change as BLAUX claims that the stock is limited and the demand is high. Regardless, expect the prices to remain in the same ballpark. And at these prices, the BLAUX Portable AC is definitely worth the money especially the third deal. For more information, visit the link below to see and even purchase the BLAUX Portable AC.

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