Technology has changed the way we communicate, allowing us to deliver messages in real-time via emails and the internet. However, this does not mean that the old ways are totally obsolete. People still use telephones and even fax machines.

Believe it or not, fax is still alive, especially in Germany, Japan, and major sectors in the United States, such as health care and financial services. Fax technology is used to deliver printed communications directly to a receiver. This is considered essential to businesses, especially for documents that need signatures.

But unlike the 90's, sending fax can now be done digitally through online fax services. One of the best free online fax services is FaxDroid which offers a cost-friendly and safe way to send documents in no time.

FaxDroid works by simply uploading your documents and entering a fax number. Your documents are then delivered to a real fax machine with no hidden fees, unlike other fax services.

Do you still use fax?

FaxDroid: The Best Free Online Fax Service; How Free Fax Works?
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FaxDroid: The Best Free Online Fax Service; How Free Fax Works?

Compared to email or chat, fax is probably the most underrated technology in the world. After all it's not every day that you need to fax documents.

Most of the time we use  emails to send documents online, as it is more convenient.

There are a few occasions  that fax is required  when sending printed documents. Either you need the paper signed by the boss, or the client doesn't like to do any online stuff- a fax machine is your solution.

You could always buy your own fax machine, but they're not as cheap as you might think they'll be. Even add the mind-boggling and irritating experience of figuring out how the machine works. That's a bit of a hassle for anyone right now.

Thankfully, technology still saves us by giving out online fax services on the internet- just like what FaxDroid does.

FaxDroid: How does it work

FaxDroid: The Best Free Online Fax Service; How Free Fax Works?
(Photo : FaxDroid)
FaxDroid: The Best Free Online Fax Service; How Free Fax Works?

There are at least 20-30 online fax services that can be found on the internet. Most of them are easy-to-use, reliable, and safe, to send documents. But not every site offers a set of customer-friendly prices. Most fax services are overpriced for the occasional fax users.

That is where FaxDroid hits differently. Here are the top five reasons why FaxDroid is called the "best free online fax service" out there. And how it is different from its rivals.

Send Free Fax

If you're looking for a free fax service, FaxDroid is the best one for you. Unlike other companies, this website respects the concept of "free fax,"- not just for promotional stunts.

FaxDroid can easily send your fax, no strings attached. It doesn't require anyone to register their details or bank accounts. Simply input the fax number and upload file you need to send.

Customers can upload up to 6 free pages in a day. And that's it!

You could effortlessly send a fax without a subscription plan with FaxDroid. This eradicates the non-essential or hidden fees found in most fax services.

If that still doesn't impress you, FaxDroid's free fax is not a one-time-only feature. Compared to other services, this software allows its customers to use free fax daily.

Ready-to-send in over 27 destinations

Have you experienced using bad online free fax service that only limits to Canada, the US, or a specific area? Most of the free fax services have limitations to where documents can be sent.

Sometimes, you even need to pay costly fees, in order for papers to be sent overseas. FaxDroid doesn't have any of these issues..

This fax service can expand to cater to fax in over 27 destinations around the world. As said you will not be charged any hidden fees.

Only spend $0.1 per extra page

FaxDroid is probably the cheapest available fax service out there. Aside from sending free fax of up to 6 pages a day, clients only have to spend as low as $0.1 per extra fax page.

No watermarks or branding cover pages are included on any faxed pages!

Real-time updates

If you think FaxDroid's "free fax" is done yet, think again. Whether you're under subscription or not, customers will receive real-time updates on the status of the delivery of their document.

Compared to other services FaxDroid knows the importance of knowing where your documents are right now. Every user will get notifications through email, without any additional charges.

Delivery guaranteed! Full refund once failed

Not only does FaxDroid offer free services, but it also guarantees its customers safe and on-time delivery of documents. In case of failure FaxDroid offers a full refund of all your expenses during the transaction.

Don't worry, though. Based on past reviews for FaxDroid, you probably won't be needing a refund in the first place.

Is FaxDroid safe to use?

We know it's free. But, is it safe to use?

FaxDroid impressively designed its software to prioritize customer's security in each transaction. All payments are processed using their third-party payment provider, PayPal.

All files are stored in AES-256 encrypted format with restricted access. Once the client chooses to delete their files, the chosen files will be removed permanently from FaxDroid's servers.

For "guest fax," files are stored during a transmission period of only 24-48 hours. After this, the server will automatically remove the file-- keeping your files safe from any  security breach.

Here are some of the FaxDroid customer reviews from TrustPilot:

"Very straightforward, fast, and free. Thanks for the service there are still some banks that use fax," says one client.

"Seemed to have worked well and was easy to maneuver through. Thanks," says another one.

How much is FaxDroid's monthly subscription?

FaxDroid: The Best Free Online Fax Service; How Free Fax Works?
(Photo : FaxDroid)
FaxDroid: The Best Free Online Fax Service; How Free Fax Works?

Of course, if you are that person which always uses fax machines, FaxDroid also has options for monthly subscriptions. The pricing is still more flexible and cost-efficient than other brands.

As reiterated, expect no hidden charges while using this service.

Here's the rundown of prices:

Guest (Send Free Fax)

  • Send fax without a subscription plan

  • 6 free fax pages per day

  • Real-time email updates

  • 24/7 email support

  • Email notifications

Free Trial

  • Sends up to 5 pages

  • 24/7 email support

  • Fax history

  • Worldwide destinations

  • Email notifications

Starter ($5 per month)

  • Sends up to 80 pages per month

  • Receive faxes

  • Dedicated fax number

  • 24/7 email support

  • Worldwide destinations

Personal ($12 per month)

  • sends up to 200 pages per month

  • (includes above services)

Business ($24 per month)

  • sends up to 400 pages per month

  • (includes above services)

FaxDroid also offers local fax numbers in the countries below:

For the US - free

For Australia - as low as $9 per month

For Canada - as low as $1 per month

For Great Britain - as low as $1 per month

For Israel - as low as $6 per month

For Puerto Rico - as low as $4 per month

If you're looking for the best yet cheap online fax services, FaxDroid can help you. There's no need to pay any amount for Guest and Free Trial customers. It's safe, reliable, and guarantees deliveries sent to your receiver!

Like other technologies, fax is also more advanced these days, allowing you to send it directly from a browser. So if you need to send a fax, don't worry about not having your machine because you can also get a modernized experience in sending printed documents. Indeed, no matter how old the technology is, modern businesses can still find this helpful and relevant to their daily transactions.

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