Every day is a struggle, and so does commuting using public transportation, getting up and down the steps, and walking towards one's location. The everyday commute is so exhausting, but getting a car may not be worth it, especially if one is living in an apartment, or there simply is no space for one. What's the solution? Well, that may be looking into GoTrax's G Pro 3-wheel electric scooter, whose aim is to transport people in going places, most efficiently.

When one talks about electric scooters, two-wheels are the maximum especially for adults, as most three-wheeled ones are made for children that are only starting to use one, or those with balance problems. However, not at all times managing to balance on a scooter is fun, as stability can be a massive factor in making your everyday commute a great way to start the day.

GoTrax Scooter
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Electric Scooters for Everyday Commute?

The world is reminded every day that it is suffering from the actions of man, including that of polluting the planet and soon having a massive change in society thanks to Climate Change. This is where environmentalists debut the products which are electrified, providing an alternative that is sufficient and produces zero emissions.

That being said, electric cars are the top choice for this, especially as it is the most prominent and popular mode of transportation to replace that of gas-powered vehicles. However, the downside of owning an EV is its massive prices, with the cheapest Tesla Model Y being around the $35,000 to $40,000 price range, and other brands do not go cheaper.

On the other hand, sometimes, a person might have extra space to garage one's vehicle, or they simply do not prefer cars. An affordable option that guarantees a splendid experience without the worry of polluting the environment is owning an electric scooter. It's a great investment, especially if one is very adventurous and ready to take on the outside world.

GoTrax Scooter
(Photo : GoTrax Scooter)

GoTrax: Who Are They?

And one rising star is here, with GoTrax's Electric Scooters being the alternative everyday commute that one needs, offering a variety of rides to fit one's lifestyle. May it be the GMAX Ultra Folding Scooter that is one fast zoomer, or the durable and stable G Pro 3-wheel Foldable Scooter, both bordering on electric efficiency.

Choosing your first or daily electric scooter can be a hassle, especially as there are a lot of brands and products that promise the best experience you can have with what it has to offer. Some deliver, and some do not. So the best thing to do is to go where it is sure, and it is with GoTrax electric scooters.

That being said, the three-wheeled electric scooter is something to check out, especially when one plans to go around the city aboard a capable vehicle suited for one's needs.

GoTrax G Pro 3-Wheel Foldable Scooter: Review

Why get two when you can have three, right? Kidding aside, GoTrax is one of the few manufacturers which offer a great three-wheeled scooter for adults, and it is the G Pro that is also foldable and electric.

GoTrax Scooter
(Photo : GoTrax Scooter)

Three wheels may sound like a kid's ride, but wait until you get in one, as it would make you want to be a kid again. That being said, the G Pro is suitable for carrying the load and take you places for your daily commute. The device offers massive comfort as it adds more suspensions that would absorb the rocks and bumps one encounter along the way.

In case you change your mind, GoTrax offers a 30-day return, and a 90-day manufacturer warranty for its services and needs, ensuring excellent customer relations for all needs. Additionally, ordering the scooter only takes 24 hours, and shipping it would only take three to five business days, and voila, you can now use your much-needed electric scooter.

GoTrax G Pro: Features Review

The G Pro is something that is stable and durable, without being necessarily bulk or overbearing. It offers comfort with its better suspension and an assisted ride, without feeling like it is something out of place as used in the everyday.

G Pro has a 300W motor, has 15.5 miles per hour top speed, and can go 24 miles for its range. It's not bad for the distance it can cover, but it is something intended for the city, and not for long distances. But hey, 24 miles is a lot of ground to cover, even to and from several points.

GoTraxx Scooter
(Photo : GoTrax Scooter)

Stowing it is easy, and would only take seconds. Moreover, its two rear wheels are not a bother to its storage and weight, as the entire vehicle is only at 52 lbs.

Another one of its main selling points is its built-in lock-on mechanism which could give users a "peace of mind" when stowing or leaving their scoots on the office or in the streets. Of course, great caution is still advised when parking it, but having this "safety net" from GoTrax uplifts this e-scooter among their competitors.

The device has LG batteries which are high capacity and one of the bests in the market, along with a security feature of its built-in lock mechanism.

Go Trax Pricing

GoTraxx Scooter
(Photo : GoTrax Scooter)

You are here, meaning you are in the final steps in checking our GoTrax's G Pro 3-wheel folding electric scooter and are wondering how much the vehicle costs. Not to worry, here is the link directing to GoTrax's G Pro electric scooter.

The scooter is priced at a reasonable $899.99 and has three color options to choose from Black, Blue, and Green.

Amazon also carries the G Pro electric scooter, at the same price.

Tech Times readers can save as much a $100 when using our code "techtimes" on GoTrax's checkout page, and this can save you a lot, especially when planning to buy accessories for it.

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