Cryptocurrencies have indeed evolved over the past years. The once staple token which is used in holding and trading can now be used for gaming.

What if these virtual tokens can be used in healthcare services?

The power of digital currency has gone beyond its limit. The idea of having health-based cryptocurrencies might be absurd at first, but it's entirely possible in the blockchain platform.

What Are Healthcare Coins?

Five Leading Health-Based Cryptocurrencies: How They Work
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Did you know that you can incorporate cryptocurrency into healthcare? Here are the five leading health-based tokens that you should know.

The idea of having health-based cryptocurrencies makes use of the platform in the healthcare industry. To give you an idea of how they work, they are basically virtual tokens that focus on helping the patients.

While popular cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin involve trading, these healthcare coins involve payments for the hospitals as part of the business.

At the same time, they are there to provide the patients with a convenient mode of payment.

Five-Leading Healthcare Cryptocurrencies Token

Docademic has been emphatic on bringing more tokens to the platform. The blockchain community involving this healthcare token allows the people to avail a particular service or product for a corresponding value.

Of course, this health-based virtual currency will not be possible without its creator, Medical Token Currency, or MTC. So far, only a few blockchain developers have created these kinds of tokens.

For patients, the cryptocurrency lets them have access to select healthcare programs under the blockchain. For the transaction, the platform will be needing the patient's data for research purposes.

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Another patient-centered healthcare cryptocurrency that you should know is Medibloc. Besides maintaining a high standard in health programs, this company also aims to help patients in a "structured" manner through virtual tokens.

So far, you can access Panacea, Dr. Palette, and Medipass, the three services that it is offering, Aim blog noted.

For patients who want to utilize these services, you can select Medipass through your mobile. On the other hand, Panacea guarantees that your confidential data will be secured and protected.

Meanwhile, Dr. Palette will properly handle your data during the process. The blockchain medical information system serves as a new model for healthcare payments.

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If you are interested in Ethereum-based healthcare cryptos, it's better if you know MediShares first. This health-based insurance platform revolves around helping patients with their insurance.

The tokens in this blockchain solution can be clocked into the so-called "smart contract." Besides providing health aid for the customers, it also wants to strengthen its global presence in the market.

MediShares sees to it that customers will have a convenient experience when it comes to health insurance services.

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At the time of writing, SOLVE is ranked no.649 in CoinmarketCap. Solve care is one of the leading innovative health solutions that provide real-time payments to all people and improve the healthcare quality at the same time.

Earlier this year,, Solve's sister program, was launched. As the world copes up with the ongoing pandemic, SOLVE continues to help employers have a healthy living and relationship.

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Stem Cell Coin

Stem Cell coin eyes to distribute high-quality health services globally. Specifically, the company has two objectives to accomplish.

First, it wants to give a unique payment system for those who want to undergo stem cell treatment. The second one will be incorporating blockchain and artificial intelligence for diagnostic imaging systems.

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