5KPlayer Review: Forget VLC — Here’s An Easy, Free, And Powerful Media Player For PC And Mac

7 March 2019, 8:50 pm EST

When it comes to digital media players for Mac and PC, the jury is already in: Download VLC and forget about everything else. But that only works until you try playing a 4K video and it stutters. Then you try downloading videos or songs and find that the process is super complicated. You're watching vacation videos on your phone and want to cast it to the big screen via AirPlay, but you can't.

That's where 5KPlayer comes in, a free and powerful media player that can do all that — and more. The perfect VLC alternative for Mac and PC, 5KPlayer is able to play all major video formats. Not only that, it also comes with built-in Hardware Acceleration, rendering 1080p, 4K, 8K videos without a single hiccup.

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5KPlayer also comes integrated with its own video downloader, which supports YouTube, Vimeo, and most other popular video platforms.

Even more amazing is that 5KPlayer supports the Digital Living Network Alliance, or DLNA, which ensures there's no quality loss or lag when sharing video and audio over Wi-Fi.

Another feature that gives 5KPlayer an edge over most digital media players is its built-in AirPlay mirroring support, which means 5KPlayer can stream content flawlessly to Apple products, and vice versa.

5KPlayer Review: Video Playback

If you're looking for a video player that can handle all your movies and videos, look no further. There are a lot of file formats, and 5KPlayer supports all the major ones, including MKV, M2TS, MP4, AVI, WMV, and FLV. As for audio, it supports MP3, DTS multichannel surround sound, AAC, AC3, WMA, and even lossless audio codecs such as FLAC and ALAC.

Much like most video players, 5KPlayer offers a number of playback options, such as selecting an audio track (useful for foreign language films), toggling on a subtitle track, and making sure the video and audio are perfectly synchronized. It also has a deinterlace option for those who prefer progressive scanning videos. You can also set your preferred aspect ratio and even take snapshots.

Being able to play all major video formats is one thing, but ensuring they play seamlessly is a completely different story. Thanks to TrueTheater technology, 5KPlayer plays all video formats in the best available quality, which means you'll have a pleasant viewing experience every time.

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Hardware Acceleration

5KPlayer can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. The software's Hardware Acceleration feature takes advantage of the graphics card and CPU to boost playback, which means 5KPlayer doubles as a free 4K video player that breezes through 4K and 8K videos. Other media players struggle playing resolutions as high as those, but with this player, you don't need to have fancy hardware just to enjoy seamless, stutter-free 4K content.

Region-Free DVD Playback

5KPlayer is also perfect for folks who have a massive DVD collection. Chances are some of those come from another region, and while most video players can't handle multi-region DVD playback, 5KPlayer can — no need to download codecs or anything like that. Just pop in whatever DVD you have and it'll play it without a hitch.

Music And Video Downloader

YouTube is not only a place for cat memes and fail videos, but it's also an incredibly dense resource of various knowledge. The same can be said of Vimeo and most video platforms online. YouTube has a download offline option, but others simply don't, which is when 5KPlayer's download feature comes in handy.

5KPlayer lets you download videos and save them on your system for later viewing. It's extremely easy to download videos using this application — simply copy the link, paste it into the URL bar, choose a resolution, and hit save. There's also an audio-only option if you wish to save just the audio file on your PC or Mac.

5KPlayer can download content from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and more than 300 websites. If you just need the audio, you can hit the audio-only toggle, and 5KPlayer will automatically convert it. You can also download songs from SoundCloud and other music-focused sites.

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DLNA And AirPlay Mirroring

Perhaps the best part of 5KPlayer is its built-in DLNA and AirPlay streaming options, especially since video streaming has become so commonplace in our everyday lives. DLNA works across certified platforms to ensure fast media streaming, and it's good to know 5KPlayer incorporates this natively so you can stream content seamlessly across all devices, provided they're on the same network.

With AirPlay, you can stream or mirror content to Apple devices, and it works both ways: You can cast content from your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac too. You can turn your device into an AirPlay sender or AirPlay receiver. Whatever the case, you'll be casting content back and forth without any hassle.

5KPlayer: Verdict

5KPlayer redefines what a media player should be. More than being able to handle all the major video formats, it also ensures that content plays flawlessly and without a single drop in quality, regardless if they're modest 1080p videos or massive 8K movies.

This software lets you do anything you want when it comes to video in the most seamless way possible. Downloading content from the internet is a breeze — so is converting them to your preferred resolution and format. 5KPlayer's AirPlay mirroring and DLNA integration is so easy and efficient your five-year-old will get it running in no time. It's a modern all-in-one media solution that offers features not found on any other tool.

You can download it now for free on Mac and PC.

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