MIT Researchers Find A Way To Boost Wi-Fi For Faster Video Streaming And Minimal Buffering

MIT researchers set out to solve a modern-day problem: slow Wi-Fi. What they came up with is a new system that lets people enjoy Netflix, Amazon, and other video streaming platforms without constant buffering.


Study Says That Heavy Social Media Use May Harm Mental Health Of Teens

The new study found that social media use may interfere with activities that have a positive impact on mental health. Teenage girls are especially vulnerable to the potentially harmful effects of excessive social media use.

Internet August 16, 2019

6G Internet? Huawei Begins Research On Next Level Connectivity From Its Canada Center

Huawei is looking several years ahead of the market with its Canada laboratory focusing on 6G connectivity. It's still about a decade away, but major companies are already working on 6G.

Internet August 17, 2019

Facebook Is Removing ‘Secret’ And ‘Closed’ Options For Groups

In an attempt to avoid further confusion, Facebook Groups are now categorized into two: Public and Private. Admins can control the visibility of their groups through a new setting.

Internet August 15, 2019

Twitter Is Testing New Features, Still Won't Add An Edit Button

At a press conference this week, Twitter execs discussed new features that will be added to the popular social media app. However, the feature that users have requested for years won't be likely introduced any time soon.

Internet August 14, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein's Death Posted On Online Messaging Board 4Chan Before News Became Public

The 4chan post was published less than an hour before ABC News reporter Aaron Katersky posted about Jeffrey Epstein's death on Twitter. Suicide remains the presumed cause of death.

Internet August 13, 2019

Verizon Selling Social Media Site Tumblr To WordPress' Owner Automattic

Verizon is giving up another Yahoo acquisition -- the short-form blogging site Tumblr which users consider as a 'social media darling.' It was sold to Wordpress' parent company, Automattic.

Internet August 14, 2019

Scientists Propose Training Mice To Detect Deepfakes

Mice have the capacity to spot inconsistencies in recorded speech and identify manipulated audio and video. This study could help researchers develop an effective system to fight deepfakes before they spread all over the internet.

Internet August 15, 2019

Google, Amazon Remove Gun-Related Shopping Results Days After Deadly Mass Shootings

A report found listings for guns and gun-related products on Google Shopping and Amazon. Google and Amazon removed the listings that violate their company policies on Tuesday, a few days after the deadly mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Internet August 8, 2019

Disney Announces Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ Streaming Bundle: Should Netflix Worry?

Disney will launch a killer Disney+ bundle in a move seen as an aggressive attempt to compete with Netflix. The package will include access to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

Internet August 8, 2019

Cloudflare Terminates Service To 8chan Citing Online Forum’s Role In El Paso Shooting

8chan suffered intermittent outages after Cloudflare decided to cut its services to the online forum site. 8chan, however, was brought back online through Bitmitigate, a Seattle-based company that provides similar services to Cloudflare.

Internet August 6, 2019

Sen. Josh Hawley's New Bill Aims To Make Autoplay Videos, Endless Scrolling Illegal

Many websites have features that keep the people hooked online, such as autoplay videos and endless scrolling. These are the targets of a proposed bill called the SMART Act.

Internet July 31, 2019

Mozilla Brings Firefox Reality To Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is the latest virtual reality headset that gets Firefox Reality, Mozilla’s web browser for VR/AR devices. Firefox Reality has 360-degree video support and is available in 10 languages.

Internet July 29, 2019

Twitter Says Its Crackdown On Spam, Abusive Behavior Is Working

Twitter claimed that reports of spammy and abusive behavior on the platform fell 18 percent in the past three months. This is the result of measures to remove misinformation and irrelevant content.

Internet July 27, 2019

YouTube Videos That Feature Children Get Thrice As Many Views As Any Other Content, Study Reveals

Despite a reported multimillion dollar-settlement with the FTC over child privacy laws, videos featuring and aimed at children remain very popular on YouTube. According to Pew's analysis, videos that feature children are more popular than any other content.

Internet July 28, 2019

Privacy Group EPIC Suing The FTC For $5 Billion Facebook Settlement

A consumer privacy group is taking the Federal Trade Commission to court for the $5 billion Facebook settlement announced last week. According to EPIC, the settlement wipes the slate clean for the social media company despite years of privacy violations.

Internet July 27, 2019

6-Year-Old South Korean YouTuber Boram Buys $8 Million Property In Seoul

Boram is the 6-year-old star of YouTube channels Boram Tube ToysReview and Boram Tube Vlog. She purchased a five-story building worth 9.5 billion Korean won ($8 million) in an affluent suburb in Gangnam.

Internet July 26, 2019

Twitter Will Soon Explain Why ‘This Tweet Is Unavailable’

Twitter will soon offer more context for unavailable tweets. Also, it plans to roll out new profile picture icons that indicate the original author and tagged users to avoid spam replies.

Internet July 21, 2019

Twitter Rolls Out Redesign To Everyone, And There’s No Option To Change It Back

Twitter has been tweaking its site since the beginning of the year by changing the overall look and feel. Now, the company is rolling this newly overhauled site for everyone.

Internet July 16, 2019

Chrome To Lose Ad Blocking Capabilities: Here Are 3 Browser Alternatives Worth Considering

Soon enough, Google isn't allowing regular Chrome users to keep on using ad blockers. That said, it might be time to look for an alternative browser.

Internet June 3, 2019

You Can Now Pay Your AT&T Phone Bill Using Bitcoin

You can now use bitcoin to pay for your AT&T phone bills via BitPay, making AT&T the first carrier to offer the option. No way to use it in-store yet, though.

Internet May 24, 2019

What Is Netflix Tax And Will It Come To My City?

Chicago was able to collect large sums from various online services thanks to the so-called Netflix Tax. More cities might start imposing this tax soon too.

Internet May 21, 2019

HBO, Adult Swim Shows Might Show Up On Streaming First Before TV

Disney+’s launch this November will no doubt shake up the streaming industry. But WarnerMedia has plans to convince users to pay for a subscription to its own service.

Internet May 14, 2019

You Can Now Listen To Google Podcasts On iOS And Desktop Too

You can now play podcasts via Google Podcasts directly from the web or search results. It works when searching for podcasts on a browser on iOS as well.

Internet May 11, 2019

Amazon Prime One-Day Shipping Now Available In Some Areas

As promised late last month, Amazon is now offering one-day shipping for Prime orders. It’s not showing up yet on some accounts, so your mileage may vary.

Internet May 11, 2019

Firefox Just Disabled All Add-Ons Because Of An Expired Certificate, But Here’s A Workaround

It’s not just you — Firefox add-ons aren’t working for everyone else too because of an expired certificate. Mozilla is currently developing a fix, thankfully.

Internet May 4, 2019

Google Is Putting Shopping Links Under YouTube Videos: Report

Links to products are appearing on some videos on YouTube. This is apparently part of a Google Express test as the company tries to boost its bottom line.

Internet May 4, 2019

You’ll Be Able To Watch YouTube Originals For Free Later This Year, If You Can Stand Ads

'Cobra Kai,' 'Liza On Demand,' 'Impulse.' These are just a few of the YouTube Originals you’ll be able to watch for free later this year.

Internet May 3, 2019

Netflix Rolls Out High-Quality Audio For All Streams: Here’s What That Means, Exactly

Netflix content looks great, some even stream in 4K and HDR. Do shows and films sound great, though? Apparently not, which is why sound engineers rushed to fix that.

Internet May 2, 2019

AT&T Claims Its 5G Network Reached 2 Gbps Speeds

AT&T is boasting about its 5G network again. The carrier claims that it just reached a whopping speed of 2 Gbps on the network — only in Atlanta, though.

Internet April 29, 2019

Amazon Reportedly Working On Hi-Fi Music Streaming Service That Sounds Better Than CDs

Amazon’s alleged Hi-Fi music streaming option will offer listeners songs that sound better than CDs. No word yet on when it might come out, though.

Internet April 27, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg Starts His Own Podcast About Tech And Society

Mark Zuckerberg is publishing audio versions of his discussions with high-profile individuals as episodes of his new podcast, 'Tech & Society.' Only Spotify has it at the moment, but expect it to reach more platforms in the coming days.

Internet April 25, 2019

Watch Out, Netflix: YouTube Is Making Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Interactive Shows, Too

YouTube has created an entire division solely focused on interactive programming and live specials. The company is set to announce the first few projects soon.

Internet April 10, 2019

AT&T Officially Rolls Out 5G To More Cities, Is Yours Included?

Users in seven new cities, assuming they live in cities under coverage, can now take advantage of AT&T’s 5G network. Sadly, the only device with support right now is the Netgear 5G hotspot.

Internet April 10, 2019

Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife Now World's 4th Richest Woman With $35 Billion In Amazon Stock From Divorce Settlement

MacKenzie Bezos becomes the world's fourth richest woman as she and ex-husband Jeff Bezos split their shares in Amazon. Find out the details of one of the most expensive divorce settlements ever here.

Internet April 5, 2019

Cloudflare Update Comes With Fast And Free VPN

Cloudflare is rolling out Warp, a free VPN service that’s less battery-draining and data-heavy than most other VPN apps. It can’t create virtual locations, though.

Internet April 2, 2019

Here’s How To Regulate The Internet, According To Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook has a responsibility to help address issues centered around internet regulation. Here are four ideas to achieve a safe but unfractured internet, according to him.

Internet April 1, 2019

Verizon Will Block Spam And Robocalls For Free With Its Call Filter Feature

Verizon is making its Call Filter app free, with an optional $2.99-a-month subscription that nabs customers a few nifty extras. The app will automatically block spam and robocalls.

Internet March 30, 2019

Facebook Mistakenly Deletes Some Of Mark Zuckerberg's Old Posts

Facebook has 'mistakenly' deleted some of Mark Zuckerberg's old posts and cannot restore them back, and this isn't the first time this happened, reports revealed. Here are some of the missing posts.

Internet March 30, 2019

Remember AT&T’s Fake 5G Network? Study Says It’s Actually Slower Than 4G On Rivaling Carriers

AT&T’s fake 5G network is slower than other carriers’ 4G services, a study now shows. In response, AT&T called OpenSignal’s research methodologies flawed.

Internet March 23, 2019

You Can Shop On eBay Using Google Pay Starting This April

Google Pay will only be available as a payment method on eBay when buying from sellers enrolled in eBay’s new payments experience. The option rolls out this April.

Internet March 22, 2019

Instagram Wants You To Shop Without Leaving The App: Here's How Checkout Works

Instagram has introduced its newest feature called Checkout, where users can directly purchase products without leaving the app. Here's how it works.

Internet March 23, 2019

Firefox Can Now Block Autoplaying Videos And Sounds

Mozilla announced the launch of Firefox 66, the latest update for its browsing platform. The update will allow consumers to automatically disable autoplay videos that have sound.

Internet March 20, 2019

PewDiePie Briefly Lost Top Spot On YouTube

YouTube gamer PewDiePie got dethroned briefly on Monday morning when Bollywood record label T-Series got ahead of the subscriber count for two hours. The feud between the two YouTube channels is intense.

Internet March 20, 2019

Archive Team Works To Preserve Public Google+ Posts In The Internet Archive

Google is set to shut down Google+ on April 2. Before that happens, the Archive Team is working to preserve public content on the platform and cache everything in the Internet Archive's 'Wayback Machine.'

Internet March 18, 2019

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