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Entropia Universe - Planet ROCKTropia
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Entropia Universe
(Photo : Mindark) Gamers in "Entropia Universe" have already earned cash by playing in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. They are allowed to convert virtual money into U.S. dollars and withdraw in real-world bank accounts.

What Is Entropia Universe?

Entropia Universe, MindArk's massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is a sci-fi-based MMORPG. Its 3D planetary environment and universal Real Cash Economy system provides users with a unique and exciting gaming experience.

The game is free to play. The universe consists of several planets mainly set in science fiction-based surroundings. The scale of the game's worlds is so vast that even Entropia Universe veterans who have already invested hours of labor, moxie and verve find that there's always more to explore.

Entropia Universe Basics

Entropia Universe is an MMORPG in which players assume avatars, travel through a variety of 3D environments to hunt creatures, mine ore and energy matter, prowl for resources used for crafting, and much more.

Because there is so much to do in Entropia Universe, we're going to break down the core fundamentals of the game, examining the basic activities, components and gameplay.

Planets And Interplanetary Traveling

Players start at one of Entropia Universe's several planets, such as Planet Calypso, Arkadia, ROCKtropia, Monria or others. Although these planets share economy and game mechanics, each is owned and maintained by a "Planet Partner," who is free to implement concepts, businesses, environments, activities and other ideas unique to that planet.

Traveling within the confines of a planet involves various modes of transportation. Players navigate areas either by foot, by a slew of vehicles or by teleportation. Interplanetary travel, on the other hand, requires players to ride in one of the various types of spaceships. Motherships, for example, are large vessels able transport a crew, passengers and small spaceships to another planet, while midsize transport vessels called Privateers are vessels that travel alongside other smaller ships.

Choosing A Planet

Each planet has an underlying theme. Calypso and Arkadia, for example, embody a military science fiction setting, while ROCKtropia presents a very Hollywood-inspired music world. Currently the most active planet is Planet Calypso.

Interplanetary travel is possible from the outset of the game, but the cost of travel coupled with hazards like space pirates might be better handled once beginners have some gameplay experience.

Creating An Avatar

The first thing players need to do after diving into Entropia Universe is to create their avatar. Creating your avatar in Entropia Universe is simple. In addition to gender selection, there are adjustable attributes for facial features, body types, hair styles and more, all of which contain finer customization options. All of which can be altered in game, as well as a separate profession.

Your First Activity: Sweating, Hunting, Mining, And Crafting

Players can partake in number of activities in Entropia Universe. Although some of them cost players money to fully enjoy, there are many that can be performed for free. One free activity is sweating.

  • Sweating: Players may obtain Vibrant Sweat from creatures and gain skills from sweat-gathering, among them "Concentration," "Evade" and more.

Players can then sell the sweat to interested buyers, some of whom can be found at the Sweat Camp and other places on the planet. They won't, however, be able to sell the sweat they've gathered via auction as they can for other items they've gathered.

  • Hunting - One of the most important activities inEntropia Universe is hunting. With hunting, players may kill live creatures or robots that populate the game, although they must first acquire a weapon to do so. The game contains a stellar library of weapons, all of which have a specific value that decreases each time players use them. The decrease in value is called decay, and players should be cautious about using weapons indiscriminately, as weapons at some point exhaust their value, barring them from being usable.

Players may obtain weapons in a number of ways: earning one from tutorial missions, purchasing one from the Trade Terminal or from other players via in-game auctions, and more.

When players kill creatures, the creatures often drop loot, which can then be sold to the Trade Terminal or other players.

  • Mining - Mining is another activity integral to the gaming experience. It requires the purchase of an excavator, a finder and probes. Items accrued from mining may either be sold in their unburnished state or they may be refined by purchasing a refiner tool from the Trade Terminal.
  • Crafting - Of all of the activities crafting is the most complex. It involves gathering blueprints to create items from their raw materials, with each item requiring a specific blueprint. Unlike mining or hunting, crafting allows players to conjure their own loot.

Depositing, And Withdrawing Entropia Universe Currency

Entropia Universe uses a currency called PED, which is 1 Entropia dollar. A PEC is 1 cent. The fixed exchange rate of PED to U.S. dollar is 10:1, which means 10 PEDs equals US$1.

Players can gain PEDs by depositing money, selling items or services, and winning events. Of course it's possible to play the game without ever depositing, but many players prefer to deposit rather than going free-to-play all the way, as they are able to enjoy all aspects of the universe right away.

For every $10 that players deposit, they'll get 100 PEDs. Additionally, because of Entropia Universe's Real Cash Economy system, players who have acquired at least 1,000 PEDs can convert them into real money. Actual cash. Can you make money playing Entropia Universe? The simple answer is yes, but profits are not guaranteed. You have to be skilled and dedicated to become profitable.

Entropia Universe offers an infinite range of worlds begging to be explored. New players will find that as they progress beyond the basics mentioned here that they are playing only a small part of the universe.

Entropia Universe is a stellar patchwork of compelling MMORPG elements. The planets are uniquely engineered to provide players with diversified gameplay. The wide variety of activities, creatures, items, vehicles, missions, events and achievements keep gamers engaged and excited. The game provides players with a universe-sized sandbox and incentivizes the most passionate ones with investment opportunities that can turn into real world currency.

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