Entropia Universe Allows Players To Earn Real Cash In The Virtual World

5 September 2017, 9:50 am EDT

Gaming for a lot of us is pure entertainment. Aside from the adrenaline rush, we do not receive any tangible benefit. But a game called Entropia Universe changes all that.

Entropia Universe promises its players real cash while playing in its vast virtual universe.

And they've already delivered on that promise: a player who developed a space resort above Planet Calypso found a buyer willing to purchase the virtual real estate for a staggering $635,000. Interesting proposition right? So how does this work?

Entropia Universe Explained

When you play Entropia Universe for the first time you will find that the gameplay is similar to any massively multiplayer online role-playing game. You create a character, hunt monsters and make friends with other players.

However, its developer, MindArk, gave "massively" a new definition when the universe added several new planets, each offering different characteristics and game elements.

Players can choose to focus on one planet, a satellite, a space station, or in space itself, and play a separate mini game within the game. For example, a group of dedicated players who populate Monria, a moon prized for its minerals, created the mini game Monria the Game.

What sets Entropia Universe apart from other MMORPGs is its business model. The game uses a micropayment system that allows players to buy Project Entropia Dollars (PED), which is used as in-game currency.

But that is not all.

The payment system also allows players to convert their PED into actual U.S. dollars, which is governed by the exchange rate of the two currencies. With a click of a mouse, PED can be withdrawn from the game and transferred to your bank account or using an e-money/e-wallet service like Neteller e-wallet.

Real Cash From Entropia Economy

The bottom line is that everything inside the vast Entropia Universe has real cash value, and the real estate, land and deeds that players invest in are actual investments.

As in the physical world where people invest in property and seek to make money from their investment, players in Entropia Universe invest in virtual property and use taxes and deeds to receive a return on their investment. For example, 200,000 Underground Deeds were up for sale on Planet Arkadia for $5 each. As in real life, Planet Arkadia investors are looking to make money by selling land deeds and the deed buyers are looking to snag a little piece of the investment for themselves, hoping to cash in later.

Players possess the ability to purchase land that has a unique resource that can be cultivated as a source of income. If the land has a rare mineral deposit, a player can mine it and sell the output in the virtual market. Both rare and common resources are crucial for players as they craft and build items throughout the game.

Additional Entropia Earning Opportunities

If land investments don't interest you, there are other options to earn money in the game.

Players have another opportunity to earn cash by practicing a profession. As players grow their characters and pursue their goals and activities, eventually they will need some form of service that is performed by another player. If a player gets wounded, for example, they need a medic.

Players can also earn money by grinding and participating in events. For example, there is an event veteran players refer to as sweating, which is shown in the video (posted by a gamer) below. Sweating involves the collection of monster sweat which can earn players a good amount of PEDs per hour.

Remember, the game is free to play. The options to invest and earn money, are just that-options. You are not required to deposit money.

It is remarkable how MindArk was able to create a vast universe of planets and a unique real money investment platform in Entropia. It's reminiscent of EVE Online, with main difference being the bulk of the action happens on the ground, which creates a more personal and engaging gaming experience. The opportunity for players to earn real cash on their investments makes the game even more intriguing and worth the time for even the most casual gamer to get in on the fun-and potential profits.

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