CES 2018 Preview: What To Expect From The Electronics Show

9 January 2018, 11:10 am EST By Jean-Pierre Chigne Tech Times
Google Pixelbook
Samsung S8
LG Signature OLED TV
Sony Bravia TV
Rinspeed Concept Car
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Google's presence at the CES is usually felt through the technology that it powers, this year it will be a different story. Chrome Unboxed revealed that the tech giant will have a large booth in the outdoor Central Plaza of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In addition to the large booth, Google will have eight hospitality suites.

Nothing is confirmed by Google but there is something big definitely being planned. Google could be showing off new products related to GoogleHome. Demonstrating its connectivity to devices around the home with Google Assistant.

Google could also be debuting new Chromebooks to complement the recently released Pixelbook.

In terms of other techs, Google could also be showing off the Pixel 2 and the Daydream View VR headset.
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