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Beautifully Broad: 6 Incredibly Diverse Applications Of Mathematician John Nash’s Ideas

John Nash, the inspiration for the film ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ is well-known for his contributions to economics. But his ideas were so big they have made a mark in fields as varied as quantum physics, evolutionary biology and public health.

Feature May 26, 2015

Scientists Fool Birds With 3D-Printed Eggs To Study Parasites

3D printing could revolutionize old-school field biology practices. For the first time, researchers used 3D-printed eggs instead of plaster models to study how birds reject parasitic eggs in their nests.

Animals May 26, 2015

NASA Discovers Universe’s Most Luminous Galaxy, Brighter Than 300 Trillion Suns

Data from NASA’s WISE spacecraft has revealed the most luminous galaxy in the known universe. The discovery could help scientists better understand how black holes grow.

Space May 22, 2015

Top 10 Most Fascinating Species Discovered This Year

From a cartwheeling spider to the ‘chicken from Hell,’ this year’s list of the Top 10 newly discovered species proves that our planet is still full of hidden wonders.

Animals May 21, 2015

Drones Of The Future May Feature Batlike Ears And Nose

A new sonar system design borrows the horseshoe bat’s technique for navigating dense forests. The bio-inspired robotic sonar prototype features a movable batlike nose and ears.

FUTURE TECH May 21, 2015

How An Octopus’ Skin Acts Like A Third Eye (Video)

Octopus skin contains the same specialized protein found in eyes. This allows octopi to sense light through their skin, according to a new study.

Animals May 20, 2015

First Snakes Dragged Around Tiny Hindlegs On Land, Not In Water

Reconstructions of the ancestor of all snakes reveal that these reptiles evolved on land and had tiny, nonworking legs with ankles and toes. The work could help settle a long-standing debate in evolutionary biology.

Animals May 20, 2015

Why Dads Don’t Do Baby Talk

Mothers and fathers tend to speak in different dialects to their children, new research suggests. The two forms of speech may complement one another to improve the child's language development.

Society May 19, 2015

Better Than Segway? New 'Electrike' Promises To Plow Through Bumps With Ease

Are three wheels greater than two? Electrike, a Belgian electric scooter company, thinks so.

Gadgets May 19, 2015

Capturing Cancer: New Microchip Traps Tumor Cell Clusters In The Blood

Clusters of tumor cells can be found in the blood of many cancer patients. A new device called a Cluster-Chip could allow researchers to filter these clusters from the blood and use them to guide treatments.

Life May 18, 2015

Some E-Cigarette Varieties May Be More Harmful Than Others

Thousands of different flavors are already on the market, but their health effects are still largely unknown. New research suggests that some aerosol flavors may be more damaging to lung tissue than others.

Life May 17, 2015

What Trees And Salmon Ear Bones Have In Common (And How It Can Aid Conservation Efforts)

Salmon ear bones serve as a road map of the fish’s life. Taking advantage of this built-in tracker could help improve conservation strategies.

Earth/Environment May 15, 2015

First 'Warm-Blooded' Fish Discovered

The opah, a large fish found throughout the world, can keep its body warmer than the waters in which it lives. No other known fish has this ability.

Animals May 14, 2015

Your Genes Can Change The Way You See Emotional Images

People with this common genetic variation literally see erotic and other emotionally charged images more clearly than people who do not have it. A recent study found the variation in about 50 percent of participants.

Life May 14, 2015

Bill Nye’s LightSail Kickstarter Hit Its Goal In Less Than Three Days (Video)

A new citizen-funded spacecraft called LightSail is slated for a test run next week. If successful, it will be the first ever light-propelled spacecraft.

Space May 13, 2015

Ants Use Superpowerful Jaws To Launch Themselves Out Of Lion’s Lair

Trap-jaw ants can snap their jaws shut at incredible speeds. But their powerful mandibles are useful for more than just capturing prey.

Animals May 13, 2015

Brain Scans Reveal Gender-Based Differences Among Kids With Autism

The brains of autistic girls and boys are wired in distinct ways. A better understanding of these differences could lead to more tailored treatments.

Life May 13, 2015

Northern Birds Invade The Southern US In Huge Numbers When Climate Shifts

Boreal bird species such as pine siskins have highly unusual migratory habits. With the help of citizen scientists, researchers recently figured out why.

Earth/Environment May 12, 2015

An App That Teaches Echolocation And Furthers Research To Help Visually Impaired People

An upcoming app will contribute to research aimed at making echolocation a more accessible tool for visually impaired people while teaching sighted people some of these skills.

Life May 12, 2015

Astronomers Discover Famous Star’s Significant Other

One of the universe’s most studied stars, Delta Cephei, turns out to be part of a pair. Its partner likely escaped detection over the past two centuries because of its 'small mass.'

Space May 12, 2015

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