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Clingfish Offer Inspiration For New Medical Devices

The northern clingfish’s remarkably strong suction abilitiy is inspiring research into new technologies.

Animals May 10, 2015

Is New Recreational Drug ‘Flakka’ Even Worse Than Bath Salts?

A neurobiologist who has studied both drugs weighs in. The drugs are banned for their ability to trigger psychotic behavior and potential for causing kidney damage.

Society May 9, 2015

Too-Pretty Profile Pictures Perceived As Two-Faced

Men often see highly attractive female profile pictures as both alluring and alarming - but the same does not hold true for women looking at photos of men.

Society May 8, 2015

Brain Control On A Budget: Gadget Allows Users To Control Someone Else’s Arm

DIY neuroscience company Backyard Brains has developed an inexpensive device that allows users to control part of another person’s body with their brains.

Gadgets May 8, 2015

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