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Puppet Freddy Krueger Croons 'Dream A Little Dream' In Time For Halloween [Video]

If you love jazz and slasher films, you'll love this episode of 'Glove and Boots.' Let puppet Freddy Krueger lull to nightmare with his version of the jazz classic 'Dream a Little Dream of Me.'

Internet Culture October 13, 2015

Black Whopper And Green Poop Plus Other Unconventional Halloween Couple's Costumes

Brace yourselves: crazy Halloween costume ideas are coming. If you are a couple who wants to go as something a bit 'different' this Halloween, this is the list you've been waiting for.

Internet Culture October 12, 2015

Salma Hayek's Advice To Young Girls: Don't Blend In

And here we were, thinking that Salma Hayek couldn't be any more perfect. You probably want to be part of her family when you find out the kind of advice she gives to her 8-year-old daughter.

Internet Culture October 12, 2015

Collections Agent By Day, Werewolf By Night: George R.R. Martin's Novella May Become TV Series

'Game of Thrones' fans, rejoice—a new George R.R. Martin story is coming to a TV set near you. Cinemax has recently optioned the rights to Martin's novella 'Skin Trade.'

Movies/TV Shows October 12, 2015

With One Fell Swoop, Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Quest Is Over

The quest for 'Destiny's' Sleeper Stimulant is over, and it might not be what you've always dreamed it would. Check out this guide for the game's newest Gunsmith mission, The Sleeper Stirs.

Geek October 10, 2015

Boom! Internet Loves Reigning 'Jeopardy' Champion

This 'Jeopardy' contestant has been on a winning streak ever since he went on the show, but that's not entirely why the Internet loves him. Find out why Matt Jackson has the Internet 'booming' with news of him.

Geek October 9, 2015

New Peter Pan Book Has Stunning Illustrations, Fold-Out Pages And Secret Documents

Listen up, kids and kids at heart. A new ‘Peter Pan’ book is out, and this deluxe edition features colorful illustrations and interactive removable features for kids and kids at heart.

Movies/TV Shows October 9, 2015

Here's What The First Zombie Kid On The Walking Dead Looks Like Now

Remember Summer the Teddy Bear Walker from AMC's 'The Walking Dead'? She's back from the 'dead,' and ready to tell you what's she's been up to lately—mostly human stuff, though.

Movies/TV Shows October 9, 2015

Now THAT'S Scary. Jack Black Recorded A Goosebumps Rap

Viewer beware, you're in for a scare. Jack Black is at it again, this time, he drops a '90s nostalgia song and an off-the-wall music video for his upcoming movie, 'Goosebumps.'

Internet Culture October 9, 2015

Man's Best Friend Turns Man's Best Man At Wounded Veteran's Wedding

Gabe II is not your ordinary dog. Not only is this golden retriever man's best friend, he also happened to be the best 'man' at a U.S. Army Veteran's wedding.

Internet Culture October 8, 2015

Stephenie Meyer Releases Gender Bent Twilight For Book's 10th Anniversary

Team Edward and Team Jacob fans will need to think long and hard about their new allegiances in Stephenie Meyer's new Twilight book. This new release is to celebrate the books 10th anniversary.

Movies/TV Shows October 8, 2015

A Dream Come True: Little Girl Learns She Is The Newest Disney Princess Moana

After thousands of auditions, the newest Disney princess has finally been chosen. Meet Auli'i Cravalho, the voice behind the lead character in Disney's upcoming movie 'Moana.'

Movies/TV Shows October 8, 2015

Lone Ghostbuster Out: Rick Moranis Turned Down Cameo In Reboot

The original 'Ghostbusters' cast, sans Rick Moranis, appears in the upcoming movie reboot. Moranis shares that it 'makes no sense' for him to make a cameo in the film, and to the dismay of fans, turns down the role.

Internet Culture October 8, 2015

Cool Dad Let It Go And Let Son Be Elsa For Halloween

For Halloween, this young boy had his heart set on going as Queen Elsa from Disney’s ‘Frozen.’ How his dad reacted is taking the Internet by storm.

Internet Culture October 8, 2015

Skimpy Outfits Out: Sexy Super Heroes Get Covered Up With Wardrobe Update

Vampirella and fellow heroines Dejah Thoris and Red Sonja are getting a wardrobe update. This edgy new look is retailored for a modern twist on their classic costumes.

Geek October 8, 2015

Pet Store Owner Rescued From Being Crushed By 20-Foot Python

Police rescued a pet shop owner from the hands, or in this case, grip, of one of his own snakes. This 20-foot and 126-pound python almost strangled his owner to death, had it not been for the officers who responded to the 911 call.

Internet Culture October 7, 2015

Not Quite Breaking The Internet, Kourtney Kardashian Poses Nude On Metallic Paper

Kourtney Kardashian takes center stage in her first solo photo shoot since her breakup with longtime boyfriend Scott Disick. She poses nude for Brian Bowen Smith's Metallic Series, a stunning collection available on Vanity Fair.

Movies/TV Shows October 7, 2015

Rescued Pet Raccoon Thinks It's A Dog:. Explosion of Cuteness Begins

Meet Pumpkin, the rescued raccoon who easily made her way into the home and hearts of the Young family. Pumpkin is the cutest addition to this family of two human parents and two Royal Bahamian Potcake rescues.

Feature October 7, 2015

Colonel Sanders Fights Himself In Comic Crossover. Here Are Other Cool Things About The Real Colonel

Here's something for fried chicken and comics lovers. Colonel Sanders, pioneer of the 'finger-lickin'-good' KFC secret recipe, stars in the DC Multiverse's newest comics to be released this week.

Geek October 7, 2015

Yoko Ono Celebrated John Lennon's 75th Birthday With Giant Human Peace Sign

To celebrate what would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday, his widow Yoko Ono assembled a giant human peace sign in New York's Central Park. Lennon fans of all ages came to pay tribute to the songwriter's legacy and music.

Movies/TV Shows October 7, 2015

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