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Plant One Billion Trees With Drones? This Startup Wants To Make It Happen

This small startup wants to change the world, one billion trees at a time. To do this, it is going to veer away from manual planting efforts and use drones to map and reach places that are inaccessible to humans.

Internet Culture October 6, 2015

Kardashians Declared 'America's First Family' By Cosmopolitan. Here's What Twitterverse Thinks

The Kardashian sisters, along with mother Kris Jenner grace the cover of Cosmopolitan's 50th birthday. This family once again makes headlines, but this time, not for their reality show or their personal lives.

Feature October 6, 2015

Facebook Plays Cupid? Inexplicable Facebook Mix-Up Leads To Real-Life Marriage

Get ready to have your faith in the Internet restored. This couple met each other through a Facebook glitch, and have been inseparable ever since.

Internet Culture October 6, 2015

Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme Annihilate All The Bad Guys In 30-Minute Kill Count Video

If you are a martial artist or a fan and you have 30 minutes to spare, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't check this out. Here's Jean-Claude Van Damme's full kill count in one intense, bloodstained, supercut video.

Movies/TV Shows October 5, 2015

Frenchie Saves The Day! French Bulldog Protects Home From Trespassing Bears

Two 100-pound bears threaten to wreak havoc in a home in California. Little did they know that this territory was protected by a ferocious, merciless, 20-pound French Bulldog.

Internet Culture October 5, 2015

Bloodthirsty Lady Gaga On AHS: Hotel Says Role Makes Her Feel 'Like Herself'

Gaga may play a fashionable, bloodsucking character, but her feelings towards this role are far from undead. 'The Countess' shares her experience as part of the 'American Horror Story' cast.

Movies/TV Shows October 5, 2015

Marvel Talks 'Damage Control' – New Sitcom On ABC

Marvel and ABC are back at it again, this time with a superhero comedy based on the comics 'Damage Control.' Here are the latest updates on the project, including its executive producers and an already rising rival to the series.

Movies/TV Shows October 5, 2015

Ring Bearer Marries Flower Girl 17 Years Later

A ring bearer and flower girl walked down the aisle at a wedding. Who would have thought that, in the future, they would walk down the aisle again as husband and wife?

Internet Culture October 5, 2015

'Star Wars' X-Wing Starfighter Unboxing Is Like Early Christmas

Christmas in October has arrived for all 'Star Wars' fans, and it comes with a flying range of up to 250 feet. Check out this unboxing video of the Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control X-Wing Starfighter.

Geek October 5, 2015

Segway Dance Cover Of Justin Bieber's 'What Do You Mean' More Entertaining Than Original

Here's something that Segway fans and Beliebers will both love. The Internet is going crazy over the world's first Segway dance video set to Justin Bieber's hit 'What Do You Mean.'

Internet Culture October 5, 2015

Move Over Nostradamus, Jennifer Lawrence Prophesises President Trump Would Be 'End Of The World'

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence stands firm on her opinion as regards presidential hopeful Donald Trump. What she said would have made Katniss Everdeen proud.

Movies/TV Shows October 3, 2015

See How Robot Drivers Can Really Make A Difference In This Touching Ad

Thanks to this new Japanese technology, senior citizens and people with no access to public transportation can now continue to be active in their respective communities. Watch how this moving video portrays Japan, five years from now, as a place where taxis are less of a service, and more of a trusted part of the community.

Internet Culture October 3, 2015

Man Builds Dream Home But Needs $117,000 To Get Cable Internet

All Cole Marshall wanted in life was his own house and fast and reliable Internet service. It turns out that it had to be one or the other, and unfortunately, he had to find out the hard way.

Internet Culture October 3, 2015

From Miss World to Bollywood to Quantico. Meet Primetime TV's Newest Face: Priyanka Chopra

Indian actress and model Priyanka Chopra is ABC's newest star on the series 'Quantico.' Equipped with both beauty and brains, this woman's work has both Bollywood and Hollywood completely smitten.

Movies/TV Shows October 2, 2015

Give Him Your Socks: Londoners Are Trying To Free Dobby At Harry Potter Tour

In Potterhead news, fans pay tribute to the most heroic house elf in all the land. The internet is abuzz with affection for this encased elf at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour of Harry Potter at Leavesden in London.

Movies/TV Shows October 2, 2015

The Rock's Pool Swimming Puppy, Brutus, Died From Poison Mushroom

Brutus, the dog that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson saved from drowning in their pool, died after eating a toxic mushroom in their backyard.

Feature October 2, 2015

Stream Back To The Future Trilogy Exclusively On Amazon Prime In October

Planning an '80s/'90s movie night in October? Here are three films to kick off your marathon. Amazon will now stream the "Back to the Future" trilogy for the whole month of October.

Geek October 2, 2015

Go Hi-Tech This Halloween With These DIY Costume Videos

Make your dead suit come alive with these techie Halloween costume ideas, created by former NASA engineer Mark Rober.

Movies/TV Shows October 2, 2015

South Dakota Native American Tribe Plans Marijuana-Themed Resort

A marijuana resort is in the works in the Flandreau Santee Sioux reservation in South Dakota. Tentative facilities include an outdoor music venue, a bar and restaurant, a game arcade and a night club.

Internet Culture October 2, 2015

Vin Diesel Says Fast And The Furious Is Finished – After One Final Trilogy

Vin Diesel announced that the 'Fast & Furious' franchise will deliver one last trilogy, before coming to an end. Diesel and co-producer Neil H. Moritz are currently mapping out the trilogy, including details such as the director.

Movies/TV Shows October 1, 2015

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