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Facebook’s Oculus Buys Gesture Control Firm Pebbles

Oculus VR has made its sixth acquisition since being bought out by Facebook in March 2014. The Israeli-based Pebbles Interfaces builds gesture control technology integrated with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Video Games July 16, 2015

Amp-Maker Marshall Reveals Android Phone, Promises High-Quality Audio

Marshall is more famous for making amps for musicians, but now it’s entering the smartphone market. The 'London from Marshall' Android phone promises a better audio experience for music lovers.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 16, 2015

Solar Impulse Record-Breaking Flight Suspended Until 2016

The Solar Impulse 2’s attempt to circumnavigate the world has been put on hold. The solar-powered airplane is grounded in Hawaii after sustaining battery damage during its flight from Japan.

FUTURE TECH July 15, 2015

Hive’s New Thermostat And Smart Home Devices Look The Part

British Gas has made design a priority in its new, sleek mirror-finished Hive 2 thermostat. The company is also releasing a range of smart home devices including motion sensors, smart lightbulbs and plugs.

FUTURE TECH July 15, 2015

Is The Firefox Block The Death Knell for Flash?

Mozilla's Firefox browser is now blocking Flash by default due to security concerns. Hacking vulnerabilities have pushed many, including Facebook's security chief, to call for an end to the Adobe software.

Apps/Software July 14, 2015

New Soluble Filament Simplifies 3D Printing

3D printer users will no longer have to spend hours removing plastic support structures from their intricate creations. A new soluble filament from 3D Systems allows designers to simply rinse away the support structures with water.

Gadgets July 14, 2015

China’s Tianhe-2 Remains Unchallenged As World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer

The latest supercompter world rankings are in, and China is still on top. The Tianhe-2 is still nearly twice as fast as the U.S.-built Titan, which is ranked second. Computers in the U.S. make up nearly half of the top 500 list and Intel chips power 86 percent of the world's supercomputers.

Computers July 13, 2015

Colorful Dutch Roadside Noise Barriers Also Generate Solar Power

Imagine replacing ugly gray highway noise barrier eyesores with colorful transparent panels that double as solar panels? A small stretch of road in the Netherlands already has.

FUTURE TECH July 13, 2015

Spain's Geeksphone Exits Smartphone Market

If Microsoft can't compete with Apple and Android, did a small Spanish company ever have a chance? After building six phones in six years, Geeksphone is finally giving up on its smartphones.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 10, 2015

Rogue Adventurer Foils Airbus In First Electric Flight Over The English Channel

Frenchman Hugues Duval defied authorities and big business to become the first man to pilot an electric plane across the English Channel. He flew under cover of darkness just hours before Airbus made its own successful electric-powered flight.

FUTURE TECH July 10, 2015

Synaptics Develops More Secure Standalone Fingerprint Scanner

Synaptics has developed the world's first fingerprint scanner that operates independently of the device on which it runs. The new technology protects the fingerprint scanner from any malware that might be present on the device.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 9, 2015

IBM’s Smallest Chip Ever Will Keep Moore’s Law Alive

Using silicon-germanium, IBM and research partners have produced a 7 nm computer chip. The breakthrough should keep Moore’s law viable for at least a few more iterations.

Computers July 9, 2015

Logitech Rebrands To 'Logi'

Logitech is rebranding with a new name and logo. The new Logi product range promises to move beyond computer peripherals into lifestyle consumer products.

Gadgets July 8, 2015

Google Maps Android And iOS Updates Make Sharing Easier And More

Apple users can share their location on Facebook and Android fans can share entire maps and remove icons, thanks to new Google Maps updates.

Apps/Software July 8, 2015

NASA Promoting Benefits Of Space Research Following Rocket Crashes

NASA is releasing a book highlighting the benefits to humankind of research carried out on the International Space Station. The station is desperately in need of some good news following multiple failed rocket missions over the last 8 months.

Space July 7, 2015

Elon Musk: Cause Of SpaceX Rocket Explosion Is Still Unclear

Elon Musk says the Falcon 9 explosion was a 'huge blow to SpaceX' and admitted that his engineers are still dumbfounded as to the cause of the June 28 accident.

Space July 7, 2015

GoPro’s New Hero4 Session Cube Focuses More On Design Than Features

The waterproof cube-shaped Hero4 Session is GoPro’s smallest and lightest camera yet. However, the smaller design also comes with a smaller feature set than previous action cams.

July 6, 2015

Get Wireless Internet Through LED Lightbulbs

Wi-Fi is the universal standard method of wirelessly connecting to the Internet, but it doesn’t work that well. Researchers have now discovered a faster way to connect using light rays from LEDs.

Internet July 6, 2015

Solar-Powered Plane Helps Swiss Pilot Break World Record For Longest Solo Flight

André Borschberg has broken the world record for the longest solo flight aboard the Solar Impulse 2. The Swiss adventurer has been flying for 3 days and nights (80 hours so far) and is still in the air en route from Japan to Hawaii in a solar-powered plane.

FUTURE TECH July 2, 2015

Garmin’s Varia Rearview Light Radar Shows Cyclists The Traffic Behind Them

Garmin’s new Varia rearview bike light radar warns cyclists of traffic approaching behind them. But could the device be more of a distraction than a safety aid?

Gadgets July 1, 2015

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