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New Amazon Fire TV Stick Connects To Wireless Headphones, Has USB Storage And More

Amazon has rolled out significant updates to its Fire TV box and Fire TV stick. The updates support external USB storage, wireless headphones and allow travellers to use hotel Wi-Fi.

Gadgets March 24, 2015

Xiaomi's New Mi TV 2: A 40-Inch Android-Powered Smart TV For $320

Xiaomi has launched a new 40" smart TV that offers 1080p HD for just $320. The Xiaomi Mi TV is powered by Android and may be available in the U.S. this year.

Gadgets March 24, 2015

Google Hires The Most Powerful Woman On Wall Street As New CFO

Google has hired one of the most powerful women on Wall Street as its new CFO. Ruth Porat is moving to Google from Morgan Stanley, where she has been chief financial officer since 2010.

Deals March 24, 2015

NFL 2015: The Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Will Stream Exclusively Online For 96th Season

The NFL has announced that it will broadcast a game exclusively over the Internet next season. The national broadcasting rights for the Jaguars versus the Bills game will be sold to a digital distributor.

Deals March 24, 2015

Silk Road Drug Kingpin Gets Just 5 Years In Jail

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht is facing life in prison but a man convicted of selling heroin and cocaine on the site has been given just a five year jail sentence.

Legal March 23, 2015

Samsung And Dell Devices Will Come With Microsoft Office Preinstalled

Microsoft and Samsung have announced that some new Samsung tablets will release with Microsoft Office apps already on board. Office will also come preinstalled on devices from Dell and nine other manufacturers.

Apps/Software March 23, 2015

Square Cash Now Allows Payments To Businesses Via $Cashtags

Square has made its peer-to-peer payments system Square Cash available to businesses. Companies can accept payments via unique $Cashtags for a 1.5 per cent fee.

Apps/Software March 23, 2015

Silicon Valley Sexism: Twitter, Facebook And Kleiner Perkins All Facing Lawsuits

Several discrimination cases have moved forward in their confrontation of Silicon Valley's overwhelming white and male status quo.

Legal March 23, 2015

Spotify's Free Service Under Threat From Universal Music

Most of Spotify’s customers don’t pay a dime to use the service. However, the streaming music service is now under pressure from Universal Music to drop its free accounts.

Apps/Software March 23, 2015

Apple To Release 'Game-Changing' Apple TV Device With Siri And App Store In June

Apple TV is getting a big upgrade. Tim Cook already announced that an Apple streaming TV service will be coming in the fall and the company now says a new Apple TV device will be released this Summer.

Gadgets March 20, 2015

TAG Heuer To Create Smartwatch With Google And Intel

Luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer is creating a smartwatch with Google and Intel. TAG Heuer chief Jean-Claude Biver made the announcement at the Baselworld watch expo on Feb 19.

Wearable Tech March 19, 2015

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Introduces ‘Pay-With-Selfie’ Technology

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma has demonstrated a new payment system that uses facial recognition technology. The new system would allow users to pay for items by simply taking a selfie with their smartphone.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 19, 2015

Apple Watch Accessory 'Nomad Pod' Aims To Solve Battery Problem

Apple Watch accessories are already on sale. The Nomad Pod is a portable charging device that aims to tackle the battery life problems that have surrounded the new device’s release.

Wearable Tech March 19, 2015

Now You Can Order An Uber On Any App

An update to Uber's API allows developers to include the entire Uber experience within any app.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 19, 2015

Google Network May Launch By End Of March But Only For Nexus 6

Google's mobile network could be launched as soon as the end of March, but it will only work with Nexus 6 phones. It's all happening very quickly as the project was only announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 2.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 6, 2015

How Does BuzzFeed Make Money?

BuzzFeed's website has no visible ads yet the business is thriving. How exactly does its native advertising model work?

Business March 6, 2015

The Failed Attempt To Destroy GPS -- With Axes

GPS is an everyday term in 2015, but the whole project was almost derailed in 1992 by a couple of ax-wielding activists.

March 6, 2015

Afraid Google, Microsoft And Apple Are Spying On You? Try These Alternatives

Edward Snowden's security leaks have made many distrust big tech companies. Still, nearly everyone uses Google, Apple and Microsoft products. Here are some alternatives for powering desktops, mobiles, browsers and email.

Apps/Software March 6, 2015

Create Personalized Presentations Instantly With Haiku Deck Zuru

Haiku Deck Zuru is a new tool that can automatically generate new presentations. Users upload a brief outline and the tool uses artificial intelligence to create an original slide deck.

Apps/Software March 5, 2015

MWC 2015: HTC Ditches Swype For China's TouchPal On New Android Keyboards, Including HTC One M9

Swype, the popular Android keyboard tool, is being replaced by Chinese technology TouchPal on new HTC smartphones. The upcoming HTC One M9 will have TouchPal installed as the default keyboard.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 5, 2015

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