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Mixed Reality vs Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality: What's The Difference?

Altering reality is a confusing business. Tech Times is here to guide the confused minds about AR, VR and MR.

Gadgets December 18, 2016

Parents Be Warned: Kid-Friendly Kik App May Expose Kids To Online Predators

Giving kids a chance to reach out to others anonymously is one thing but exposing them to sexual predators is definitely another. Unfortunately, the kid-friendly Kik app does both without providing actual security.

Apps/Software April 29, 2016

Watch The Roots Get You Caught Up With 'Game Of Thrones' In This One Minute 'Tonight Show' Rap Recap

'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' and 'The Roots' bring fans an awesome recap rap of the 'Game of Thrones' season six premiere episode. Find out which scenes made the cut.

Movies/TV Shows April 29, 2016

Scaredy Cat Postman: UK Couple May Get Mail Delivery Privilege Cut Because Of Their Cat

It is a game of cat-and-postman in one home in England. The Royal Mail sent a notice to a couple because of the presumed danger that their cat poses to the postman.

Life & Style April 29, 2016

The New 'Tomb Raider': Alicia Vikander Signs On As Lara Croft

Alicia Vikander is moving away from drama and entering the world of action-adventure. The actress has been cast to play the young Lara Croft in the 'Tomb Raider' reboot.

Movies/TV Shows April 29, 2016

Spotify Wants To Give Artists More Marketing Tools: Buys Photo Aggregator CrowdAlbum

Spotify gives its artists a new tool to expand their music's reach. The music sharing platform acquires CrowdAlbum in order for its artists to better engage their fans.

Business Tech April 28, 2016

Bruce Timm's 'The Killing Joke' Finally Gets A Trailer

'The Killing Joke' finally released its first full-length trailer. It is haunting, dark and everything 'Batman' fans would look forward to seeing, including a better treatment of Batgirl.

Movies/TV Shows April 28, 2016

The Mom Who Named Her Baby Jet Star And Other Weird Baby Names

A new mother who gave birth shortly after the plane she was on touched down named her baby after the airlines. Find out why people seem to want names that are too unique for children nowadays.

Life & Style April 28, 2016

Mother Embracing Her Baby For 4,800 Years: Fossilized Remains Unearthed In Taiwan

Another great discovery of early human activity in Asia has been found in Taiwan and it is heartwarming. Take a look at the fossilized remains of a mother cradling her child.

Earth/Environment April 28, 2016

Here's Your First Extended Look At Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Snowden

Oliver Stone's film about National Security Agency's whistleblower finally releases its official trailer on April 27. Watch how Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrayed the most wanted man in the world.

Movies/TV Shows April 28, 2016

Marvel Defends Whitewashing Doctor Strange's Ancient One: They Didn't Want To Offend The Chinese

According to Marvel Studios, it's not whitewashing, as it only tried to keep 'Doctor Strange' from offending the Chinese. Feige, Cargill and Swinton explained why the Tibetan Ancient One is very white.

Movies/TV Shows April 27, 2016

Who Did It Best? 3 Late-Night Talk Show Hosts Spoof Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'

Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' grabbed the attention of late-night talk show hosts. Watch James Corden make his own version while Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert attempt to explain its mystery.

Movies/TV Shows April 27, 2016

Now You Can Get Ellen Ripley's Alien Shoes From Reebok - The Bad News: It's Just For Men

April 26 has been proclaimed as 'Alien' Day and, just like in the film, some things just go really wrong. 'Alien' fans are angry that Reebok released Ellen Ripley's alien stompers in men's sizes only.

Sci-Fi April 27, 2016

‘Ghostbusters’ Gets New Magazine Covers, Character Posters

Paul Feig's 'Ghostbusters' reboot is Empire Magazines special cover for the June 2016 issue. Take a look at the covers and new character posters released by the production.

Movies/TV Shows April 26, 2016

‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Go To Great Lengths To Save Their Own In New Clips

'The Singularity' episode has Agent Phil Coulson taking extreme measures in order to get Daisy back from the facial tentacles of The Hive. Find out what could happen and what the last four episodes have in store for fans.

Movies/TV Shows April 26, 2016

The Jungle Book Soars In The Weekend Box Office, Gets Release Date For Sequel

Jon Favreau's live-action adaptation of 'The Jungle Book' toppled its competition, going on to become the number one movie in the world for two weeks straight. Disney reserved one of its five 2017-2019 release dates for the movie's sequel.

Movies/TV Shows April 26, 2016

'Twin Peaks' Revival Reveals Official Cast List And It's A Long One

David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' revival is definitely running full speed ahead. Lynch, Mark Frost, and SHOWTIME revealed who will be part of the show and it’s quite a list they came up with.

Movies/TV Shows April 26, 2016

'Winter Is Coming:' Free Unofficial ‘Game Of Thrones’ Card Game Now Available

An unofficial, fan-made 'Game of Thrones' card game is available for download for free! Now you can try your hand at determining the fate of Westeros' prominent families.

Geek April 25, 2016

New ‘Doctor Who’ Companion Revealed

The Twelfth Doctor's new companion comes from London's West End. Take a look at what Pearl Mackie can bring to the timey-wimey adventures of the no-longer-the-last Time Lord.

Geek April 25, 2016

‘It’ Adaptation Gets Official Release Date

The remake of the adaptation to Stephen King's 'It' is finally greenlit. Pennywise the demonic clown will enter everyone's nightmares once again in September 2017.

Movies/TV Shows April 25, 2016

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