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Scientists Need Help Naming The Largest Unnamed Minor Planet In The Solar System

Scientists announced a campaign to give 2007 OR10, a dwarf planet, a proper name. The public can vote between three preselected names associated with mythological figures from April 9 to May 10, 2019.

Space April 13, 2019

Images Taken By Hubble Telescope Reveal Small Moon Orbiting Third-Largest Dwarf Planet

Astronomers discovered a small moon orbiting 2007 OR10 or 'Snow White,' the third-biggest dwarf planet in our solar system. The Hubble Space Telescope took the images that helped astronomers spot the dwarf planet's moon.

Space May 22, 2017

Dwarf Planet Snow White Bigger Than Previously Believed

A new study found that the dwarf planet 2007 OR10, nicknamed 'Snow White,' is much bigger and darker than previously believed. This makes Snow White the third biggest dwarf planet in our solar system.

Space May 13, 2016

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