Tag: Additive manufacturing

NASA Successfully Tests Almost Completely 3D-Printed Rocket Engine

NASA moved closer to developing a rocket engine that is developed using 3D printing technology, successfully testing parts together for the first time.

FUTURE TECH December 18, 2015

Folding Case For Tiny Satellites Wins CubeSat Challange

A folding frame designed by Paolo Minetola that reduces material waste and cuts manufacturing time won first place at the CubeSat Challenge, offering a glimpse at the future of small satellites.

Space September 9, 2015

NASA puts 3D printing to good use - making rocket engine parts

Rocket injectors created using additive manufacturing were successfully tested by NASA, potentially making rocket engines less expensive and more reliable.

Space September 3, 2014

3D printing in space could even produce new rocket engines

Space travelers could, one day, print everything from food to new rockets using 3D printers,

Space July 20, 2014

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