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New Zealand’s Penguins Are Fast Disappearing: How Are Penguins Elsewhere In The World Doing - Or Dying?

Just like the yellow-eyed penguin of New Zealand, the already endangered African penguin is also under threat of becoming extinct. More than half of the world’s penguin species are dwindling due to global warming and man’s intrusion in their habitat.

Animals May 17, 2017

African Penguins In Distress: Climate Change Ups Food Crunch

A new study has said African penguins are in a climate trap and deprived of the right habitat and desired food, caused by climate changes as well as overfishing and forcing them to eat less nutritious jellyfish.

Animals February 13, 2017

Africa's Only Penguin Species Facing Risk Of Extinction, Experts Warn

Penguin numbers plummet while biologists debate the causes with mostly blaming loss of fish food source. However, closure of fishing grounds to commercial operations has not halted the penguin decline.

August 31, 2015

Researchers decode penguin language, special song for every occasion

Italian researchers have decoded the mysterious language of African penguins and found that the seabirds have a song befitting most purposes. The sounds produced by adult and chicks differ, but both are harmonic.

Earth/Environment August 5, 2014

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