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Children's Exposure To Higher Lead Levels Linked To Violent Crimes Later In Life

Australian kids exposed to environmental lead are more likely to manifest aggressive behavior in later life. A new study sheds light on the importance of preventing lead exposure in populous areas especially where kids live.

Life February 19, 2016

Cat Color May Hint How Aggressive It Is: Felines With Black, White Or Gray Fur Make Best Pets

Researchers found a way to determine a cat's aggressiveness towards humans: looking at its fur color. Felines with a certain shade of coat were found to be more combative than others, while some were more touchy and placid.

Animals October 26, 2015

Forget 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' Male Chimpanzees Use Aggression, Dominance Over Females. Here's Why

Aggressive behavior of male chimpanzees are linked with mating success. Violent chimpanzees who attack females consistently are more likely to father offspring when compared to lesser violent counterparts.

Animals November 15, 2014

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