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T-Mobile Bids $8 Billion At FCC Airwaves Auction: Un-Carrier Now In Position To Topple AT&T, Verizon

T-Mobile bid nearly $8 billion at the recently concluded auction for broadcast airwaves spectrum by the FCC. The wireless licenses that the Un-Carrier acquired would allow it to further challenge, and possibly outmuscle, AT&T and Verizon.

Business Tech April 14, 2017

Sprint Bows Out of 2016 Airwaves Auction: Good Move Or Gamble?

Sprint will not participate in the planned major spectrum auction in 2016, with the carrier claiming that its airwaves are sufficient to meet the demand of its current and future subscribers. The move can save Sprint billions of dollars, but is it a good decision?

Business September 28, 2015

FCC Raises $44.9 Billion in Wireless Spectrum Auction

The AWS-3 airwaves auction concluded on Thursday, Jan. 29, with the FCC raising a record $44.9 billion in the wireless spectrum auction.

Business January 31, 2015

Legal hiccups prompt FCC to postpone spectrum auction till 2016

The proposed auction by the FCC for low-frequency airwaves is being pushed back to early 2016. The auction will be the first chance since 2008 for wireless carriers to acquire "beach-front property" airwaves.

Business October 25, 2014

Broadcasters seek review of FCC airwave incentive auction

The NAB filed a petition asking that the planned airwaves auction of the U.S. FCC be reviewed. In return, the TV stations will get a cut of the auction proceeds.

Business August 19, 2014

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