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Alexander Gerst Stunning Time Lapse Video of Earth - 'A Fragile Spaceship for Humankind': A Review

European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst has recorded a new video, showing the Earth like never before. What makes this different from earlier views of our home planet?

Space December 27, 2014

Watch Amazing Time-Lapse Video Made from 12,500 Photos: Thank You, Alexander Gerst

A six-minute time-lapse video showcases the thousands of photos taken by German astronaut Alexander Gerst during his stay at the International Space Station from May to November this year.

Space December 27, 2014

NASA astronauts take their first spacewalk in over a year

NASA is making its first spacewalk in over a year from the International Space Station as astronaut Reid Wiseman works with ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst for routine repair work on the station.

Geek October 7, 2014

ISS astronauts celebrate World Cup 2014 by playing gravity-defying soccer [VIDEO]

World Cup Fever has reached out-of the world proportions, as space travelers aboard the International Space Station support their favorite teams.

Space June 12, 2014

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