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Tennessee Mom Krysta Davis Chooses To Carry Dying Baby To Term To Donate The Organs

A Tennessee mother decided to carry her dying baby to term even if doctors told her the baby would only live for about 30 minutes. She made the decision so she could donate her baby's organs.

Feature | Health February 9, 2019

Egyptian ‘Hawk Mummy’ Turns Out To Be A Baby With Severely Malformed Skull

Micro-CT scans of a relic labeled as ‘mummified hawk’ in a museum revealed that a baby was inside after all. The boy suffered anencephaly, a condition where the brain and part of the skull failed to develop properly.

Ancient June 1, 2018

Baby Who Dies An Hour After Birth Is Youngest Organ Donor In The UK

A baby girl named Hope, who died shortly after her birth, has become real hope to patients in need. Hope's parents decided to donate her liver and kidney cells, and she is now the youngest organ donor in the UK.

Society December 6, 2015

Rise in number of rare birth defects in Washington leaves epidemiologists baffled

Babies are being born without parts of skulls and brains four times more often than normal in Washington state. The cause of this fatal birth defect remains a mystery.

Life March 2, 2014

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