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DNA Tests Reveal Discovery Of Rare Triple-Hybrid Bird

A rare triple hybrid bird is a combination of the Golden-winged warbler, a Blue-winged warbler, and a Chestnut-sided warbler. The combination of the three species has never been recorded before.

Animals November 10, 2018

'Super Mosquito' is Resistant to Malaria Insecticide

Efforts to control malaria may have driven the evolution of a new, insecticide-resistant species of mosquito, scientists say. Experts say it is not an unexpected consequence.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 13, 2015

Have you seen a zonkey? Meet Khumba, a zebra-donkey cross born in Mexico zoo

A crossbreed of a zebra and donkey was born in a Mexican zoo. Named Khumba, it is one of the few zonkeys existing today.

April 28, 2014

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