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This Note, Left With Genie The Abandoned, Paralyzed Mutt, Will Break Your Heart

A Tampa Bay shelter found a suffering pup at its door step. The dog's sad state was written on a note, describing its battered hind legs.

Life & Style May 7, 2016

Kitten Found In Paper Bag On Its Way To Recovery

Miracle, a tiny kitten who was found covered in feces and with two other dead cats in a paper bag, is now recovering. The animal is being cared for by the Wisconsin Humane Society and could be ready for adoption by the time it turns 8 weeks old.

Life September 28, 2015

Cat dumpers leave 100 tuxedo cats in California shelter

California’s Marin Humane Society feels overwhelmed with the multiple drop offs of “tuxedo cats” in their premises. The latest drop off involved 24 crammed cats in a large box.

Society August 17, 2014

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