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Antipsychotic Drugs More Likely To Be Prescribed To Disadvantaged Kids

Children from disadvantaged families are more likely to be prescribed antipsychotic drugs than any other children, a new national study in Australia has revealed. Apparently, 81 percent of these children who were prescribed in their first year were male.

Neuroscience May 14, 2018

Boys With ADHD More Likely To Be Given Antipsychotics: Study

Researchers gathered antipsychotic prescription data about young boys in the U.S. and found that ADHD is being treated with drugs that serve a different purpose.

Life July 2, 2015

Expert Warns Antidepressants And Other Psychiatric Drugs Doing More Harm Long-Term

An expert warns against the ill-effects of these drugs in the long run, claiming that the harm caused by antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs has been down played and the supposed benefits were exaggerated.

Life May 13, 2015

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