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World’s First Known Manta Ray Nursery Discovered Off Texas Coast

For years, the actual way of life of baby manta rays had remained elusive from experts. Finally, a nursery of juvenile manta rays was discovered and will soon open the door for a deeper understanding of the species.

Animals June 19, 2018

Drone Video Shows Retired Ferry Sinking To Ocean Floor To Be Part Of Artificial Reef

Retired ferry MV Twin Capes was sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to become part of the Del-Jersey-Land artificial reef. The sinking of the vessel, which took only minutes, was captured on video by a drone.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2018

State Recycle Tappan Zee Bridge Into Largest Expansion Of New York Artificial Reefs

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced during Earth Week that the demolished Tappan Zee Bridge will be recycled into six new artificial reefs to build off Smithtown, Shinnecock, Moriches, Fire Island, Hempstead, and Rockaway.

Earth/Environment April 19, 2018

Huge Concrete Pyramids Sunk In Gulf Of Mexico For Artificial Reef

Fifty concrete pyramids have been sunk as part of an initiative to build an artificial reef in Texas. The reef off the South Texas coast will lend insight on how to increase fish habitat.

Earth/Environment July 3, 2017

Turkey Sinks Airbus On Purpose To Turn It Into Artificial Reef

To keep its diving tourism afloat, Turkey has sunk a massive Airbus jet off the coast of the Aegean Sea on June 4. The Airbus is now an artificial reef for marine life.

Earth/Environment June 7, 2016

Texas scuttles derelict ship Kinta S to make artificial reef for marine life

After slipping beneath the waves, the Kinta S sank 75 feet to its watery grave off the Gulf of Mexico. The 40-year-old freighter will become a sanctuary for aquatic life.

Earth/Environment September 21, 2014

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