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Another 'Rainbow Six Siege' Trailer Showcases Outbreak Event, Features Ash

Ubisoft posted another trailer for the Outbreak event on YouTube. 'Rainbow Six Siege' players will work with Ash and other operators to contain an unknown threat.

Video Games February 7, 2018

Calbuco Volcano In Chile Erupts Spewing Giant Plume Of Ash

Calbuco volcano in Chile erupts after more than four decades. The eruption spewed ash clouds in the sky prompting authorities to order evacuation in 20 km radius of the volcano.

Earth/Environment April 23, 2015

Mysterious Ash Shower In Washington And Oregon: What Could It Be?

A strange white and ashy substance fell in parts of Washington and Oregon. Although scientific tests are needed to determine what it really is, there was no shortage of theories.

Animals February 8, 2015

Yellowstone supervolcano eruption will be nightmarish but not catastrophic: Study

A Yellowstone eruption could blanket the whole of North America with ash and cause a winter during the summer months. It's unlikely to happen anytime soon, but a new computer model shows just how wide an area the eruption would impact.

Animals August 31, 2014

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