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FDA Approves Return Of Non-Prescription Asthma Inhaler After 7 Years

Seven years after it was taken off the market, asthma inhaler Primatene may now be purchased again for asthma relief. The new version no longer contains ozone-depleting CFC propellants.

Medicine November 9, 2018

Teaching Asthma, COPD Patients How Inhalers Work May Help Prevent Medical Emergencies

Teaching patients with COPD and asthma on how inhaler devices work helps reduce acute symptom flare-ups after hospitalization. Those with low health literacy appeared to benefit most from this information.

Life March 24, 2016

Know How to use Asthma Inhaler, Epinephrine Injector? Study Shows Many People Don't

Many patients prescribed with asthma inhalers or epinephrine injectors do not know how to use them. Experts suggest that improper use of these devices may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Life December 20, 2014

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