Lockheed Martin Weapon Prototype Immobilizes Truck Over A Mile Away 'In Matter Of Seconds': Here's How

It's the latest breakthrough in an industry that develops weapons for war.

FUTURE TECH March 7, 2015

Aerospace Company Lockheed Martin Creates Laser That Dismantles Automobiles

Aerospace company Lockheed Martin announced the creation of a fiber-optic laser dubbed Athena that takes out automobiles from more than a mile away.

FUTURE TECH March 6, 2015

Lockheed Martin's Athena Laser Can Disable Vehicles A Mile Away

Lockheed Martin's Athena laser burned through the engine manifold of a truck in a few seconds, despite coming from over a mile away.

FUTURE TECH March 5, 2015

Turns Out Humanoid Robots Fly Economy Class Just Like The Rest Of Us

A robot named Athena became the first robot ever to fly as an airline passenger with a paid ticket for a seat and a passport for a trip to Germany.

Geek December 16, 2014

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