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Spectacular Intel 'Drone 100' Lit Up The Sky And Broke World Records [Video]

Intel made history after successfully staging a spectacular display of drones in Germany. With 100 small drones involved, the performance earned a new world record title for the ‘Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles airborne simultaneously.’

FUTURE TECH January 13, 2016

New Underwater Robot Allows Scientists to Map Sea Ice in 3D: Robot Shows Thickening of Antarctic Sea Ice

Researchers are sighing a breath of relief after engineers created a new robot that is capable of operating under the Antarctic ice for several hours. This is something that was much-needed in the past.

Geek November 27, 2014

Antarctic Sea Ice Thicker than Previously Thought, Measured by Underwater Robot

A survey conducted by an underwater robot called SeaBED revealed that the Antarctic sea ice is thicker than previously believed. The autonomous underwater vehicle used an upward-looking sonar to measure and map ice floes.

Animals November 25, 2014

Shipwreck accidentally discovered off coast of Santa Cruz

The Umpqua II was scuttled in Monterey Bay 32 years ago, and was recently re-discovered by geologists studying an earthquake fault.

November 6, 2014

MH370: How can unmanned submarines help in the search of the missing plane?

Search teams looking for the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft may soon be joined by Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. These AUVs may be the perfect tools needed to finally solve the mystery of the missing MH370.

Robotics April 3, 2014

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