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Baboon Lives Half A Year After Pig Heart Transplant

Is xenotransplantation the future? An experiment involving baboons was deemed a success when a baboon survived for a total of 195 days after it had received a pig heart transplant.

Animals December 6, 2018

Baboon Vowel Sounds Point To 25-Million-Year-Old Roots Of Human Speech

Human speech may have its beginnings at least 25 million years ago, according to a new study. Researchers postulate that if baboons can make such varied vowel sounds, certainly the building blocks of human speech must extend to the last common ancestor of baboons and humans.

Animals January 12, 2017

Scientists Find Fossils Of Earliest Baboon Species In South Africa

A group of scientists was able to discover fossils of the earliest baboons in South Africa. The specimen is said to have an important contributory value to the further understanding of early baboon anatomy.

August 21, 2015

Baboons Don't Like Big Butts After All - Sorry, Sir Mix-A-Lot

Male baboons do not prefer to mate with females showing larger posteriors, a new study reveals. Why is this so surprising?

Animals April 21, 2015

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