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Scientists Detect Possible Missing 'Piece' Of Universe Created By The Big Bang

Aside from dark matter and the dark energy that comprised the universe, there remained to be 5 percent of what was called the 'ordinary matter.' About two-thirds of this ordinary matter was left unaccounted for until now.

Space June 21, 2018

Cosmic Microwave Background From Big Bang Helps Resolve Missing Baryon Problem

Two groups of scientists have found the missing baryons in hot filaments of gas that link galaxies together. Here's how they found these by taking advantage of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect.

Space October 11, 2017

Particle Bonanza: CERN Discovers Five Subatomic Particles

CERN scientists discovered five subatomic particles, which were excited states of Omega-c-zero, a baryon particle comprising two quarks and a charm quark. The excited states were carrying more energy than the standard particle of Omega-c-zero.

Energy March 28, 2017

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