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Kroger Store In Georgia Explains Why It Has A Unisex Bathroom

A Facebook post of a bathroom sign went viral. This one-of-a-kind bathroom at a Kroger store is a unisex bathroom and the explanation behind its installment is simply amazing!

Society March 29, 2016

American Standard's Elaborate New 3D-Printed Faucets Are Real, But Expensive

American Standard brings 3D printing to kitchen and bathroom faucets with some impressive results.

Gadgets June 19, 2015

Believe it or not: Chicago company allows bathroom breaks for up to 6 minutes a day

Chicago-based WaterSaver Faucet Co. allows bathroom breaks of 6 minutes per day. ID card swipe machines in the bathroom monitor the time spent by an employee in the washroom.

Society July 20, 2014

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