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Mouse Study Finds Brain Circuit That Plays Key Role In Sleep-Wake Cycle And Reward System

A mice study identified a brain circuit involved in the sleep-wake cycle and reward system. The findings could lead to new treatments for sleep problems such as insomnia and those associated with neurological disorders.

Neuroscience September 6, 2016

FDA Issues Warning Against Mixing Opioids With Anxiety Meds

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ordered the adding of black box warning labels on benzodiazepines and narcotic pain relievers. This is to inform consumers about the dangers of using the drug classes in combination with opioid medications.

Public Health August 31, 2016

Expert Warns Antidepressants And Other Psychiatric Drugs Doing More Harm Long-Term

An expert warns against the ill-effects of these drugs in the long run, claiming that the harm caused by antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs has been down played and the supposed benefits were exaggerated.

Life May 13, 2015

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