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Sunlight-Bottling Bionic Leaf Can Create Fertilizer And Boost Food Supply

Harvard researchers may have found a way to end world hunger through their bionic leaf, which produces cheap fertilizer potent enough to make crops grow 1.5 times bigger. Read on to see how the invention works!

Material Science April 5, 2017

Artificial Leaf Converts Solar Energy To Fuel That May One Day Power Your Car

The Bionic Leaf 2.0 can power your vehicles and help address the world’s fuel consumption problems someday. This new 'artificial leaf' uses solar energy to divide hydrogen-eating bacteria and water molecules to produce liquid fuels.

Energy June 4, 2016

Bionic Leaf Can Convert Solar Energy Into Liquid Fuel: Better Than Solar Cells?

A new bionic leaf, inspired by nature, can create fuel. The new energy approach may prove more popular than solar cells, which have not caught fire in the consumer realm.

Energy February 14, 2015

From Solar Energy To Liquid Fuel: Scientists Use Bacteria The Way Plants Do

A bionic leaf uses a bacteria to produce environmentally-friendly fuels, and many other materials. What could this discovery mean for the future?

Energy February 10, 2015

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