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Home Diagnostic Kit Can Detect Drugs In Blood And Urine Using Silicon Chips And An iPhone

A new diagnostic system proposed by researchers from Vanderbilt University uses a smartphone to test for drugs, infection, or bacteria in a liquid sample. An app will handle the data processing and perform diagnosis.

Public Health June 13, 2019

DARPA Awards $7.5M Grant For Development Of Implantable Biosensors

DARPA has awarded a grant worth $7.5 million to San Francisco-based Profusa for the development of tissue-integrated biosensors. The biosensors will be used by the military to monitor the health status of soldiers in real time.

Defense July 18, 2016

Forget Fitbit And Apple Watch: These Wearables Tell You About Your Health On A Molecular Level

Researchers have created a new system of biosensors that can keep track of people's health by analyzing the chemical composition of their sweat. The sensors are noninvasive and can be worn by users any time of the day.

Life January 29, 2016

This Origami Battery Is Made From Paper And Powered By Bacteria

Engineers at Binghamton University have developed an inexpensive method to produce foldable batteries made from paper. The new technology uses microbial respiration to generate enough power to operate a paper-based biosensor.

Energy June 12, 2015

Graphene biosensor more sensitive than bioassay tests in detecting cancer

A biosensor made of specially patterned graphene was found to be five times more sensitive in detecting molecules that indicate risks for cancer compared with the conventional bioassay test ELISA.

Life September 22, 2014

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