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Eight Endangered Black Rhinos Die In Relocation Attempt In Kenya

Eight critically endangered black rhinos have died following a translocation attempt. The deaths are unprecedented as such efforts have been done in past years with little mortality.

Animals July 14, 2018

Crowdfunding Campaign Aims To Resurrect Black Rhino Via Genome Sequencing

Researchers at the University of Washington raised funds through "Experiment" in their goal to genetically sequence the black rhino, a critically endangered species. The researchers further aim to be able to bring back 3 extinct subspecies with data that will be gathered through genome sequencing.

Earth/Environment July 15, 2015

Hunter From Texas Pays $350,000 For Right To Kill Black Rhino

The hunter, Corey Knowlton, paid to hunt and kill the black rhino—ironically—to be able to protect the critically endangered species.

Earth/Environment May 21, 2015

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