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Memory Capacity Of Our Brains 10 Times What Was Previously Believed, Equal To Entire Internet

The complexity of synapses in the human brain is greater than had been thought, researchers say. That complexity provides memory capacity far above what was previously estimated, they say.

January 22, 2016

Biologists Discover Neurons That Govern How A Cockroach Walks

Scientists hacked into the brains of free-walking cockroaches and found the neurons responsible for motion control. The discovery could explain how other insect species behave and how they can be controlled.

Animals October 28, 2015

Study Sheds New Light On Post-Marijuana Food Cravings

Researchers uncover what leads to the uncontrollable urge to eat after using marijuana, identify brain neurons as culprit. Pot-induced munchies a result of neurons out of whack.

Life February 19, 2015

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