Tag: Bulimia nervosa

Women With Apple-Shaped Body More Prone To Binge Eating: Study

A new study found that apple-shaped women are more likely to binge eat or lose control when eating. This study sheds light in biological factors that contribute to the occurrence of eating disorders.

Life November 16, 2015

Teenage Eating Disorders: How To Spot If Your Child Suffers From Bulimia Nervosa

Research shows teenagers with bulimia recover much faster when parents get involved in their treatment. Here are signs parents should watch out for to determine if their child has the eating disorder.

Life September 28, 2015

Parents Can Help Their Bulimic Kids Recover Faster: Here's How

Family-based therapy is more effective than cognitive behavioral therapy in helping teens battling bulimia, researchers prove.

Life September 22, 2015

FDA Approves ADHD Drug Vyvanse to Treat Binge-Eating Disorder

Shire drug first to be approved as treatment for binge-eating disorder. What was originally an ADHD medication is now offering a possible way for compulsive over-eaters to regain control in their life.

Life January 31, 2015

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