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850000: Number of Ford C-MAX, Fusion, Escape and Lincoln MKZ recalled over airbags deployment glitch

Ford recalls up to 850,000 Escapes, Fusions, C-MAXs and Lincoln MKZs due to faulty software that prevents air bags from functioning properly.

FUTURE TECH September 27, 2014

Ford recalls over 600 Focus, C-Max for safety issues

Ford Motor Co. is in the thick of controversy again as the company is forced to recall over 600 C-Max and Focus hybrid cars. The recall is owing to potential defects in the steering gear assembly.

FUTURE TECH August 23, 2014

Ford recalls almost 700,000 Escape, C-MAX due to faulty airbag software

Ford has announced a recall of 620,000 Escape SUVs and 65,000 C-MAX hybrid cars due to faulty airbag software. The company has promised to reprogram the vehicles free of charge.

FUTURE TECH May 10, 2014

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